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Small Town USA: Georgetown

First, I want to put the disclaimer on the Small Town USA features: Everyone has their own opinion on the size of a small town. Even Google or Webster have different definitions. A small town can be 5 people, 500 people, 5000 people, or 500,000 people. No one is going to agree on the exact number. For the sake of these posts, I am using my definition of a small town. The luxuries that most Americans have are not really in these towns. In our first of the series, I mentioned to a commentator that Starbucks didn’t come to Killeen until 2006. Most “major cities” have always had a Starbucks.

Downtown GeorgetownOur photographer, Brittanie said, “Hey we should shoot Georgetown.” My first thought was: isn’t that the city I pass through to get to Austin? Seriously, I NEVER thought Georgetown would be so pretty and peaceful. I told one of the store owners I would move to Georgetown because of how awesome it was.

Downtown Georgetown


Downtown Georgetown

Andy Warhol Downtown Georgetown

downtown georgetown

Toy Store Downtown Georgetown

While in downtown Georgetown, we stopped at this amazing coffee shop called: Cianfrani.  I am going to be honest, I am a Starbucks girl to the core. However this place was AMAZING. I had a drink called “Sugar Daddy” and it trumps my normal order at SB! When I go back, it will be my first stop.

Cianfrani Coffee Shop downtown georgetown

Cianfrani Coffee Shop downtown georgetown

Cianfrani Coffee Shop downtown georgetownGeorgetown is a super beautiful city. More than what you see head to Austin or Dallas depending on which way you travel. I met an amazing small business owner, and I will be posting an interview with her later!

photography by Brittanie Reid


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