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Coolin With Camo

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Camo is just not for the fella’s anymore. Women have received their fashion marching orders and have joined the ranks to rock out the camoflouge I honestly don’t know the tipping point that made this trend hot, but I do know some of my fave bloggers have rocked it out. Lets check them out.

Reiko was the first blogger I seen rocking a Camo Jacket and then came Roquelle of Consider Me Lovely.  Camo is the hot trend for the fall. Be it baseball caps, tees, pants or the trusty camo jacket. Several of my fave twitter followers have been rocking the trend. Wanted to share the looks with you. Maybe you are looking to jump on Team Camo but dont know how to rock it. These ladies give you great examples.

Mattie of Mattieologie

Trina of Baby Shopaholic