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The $100 Start Up Conversation

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing Chris Guillebeau speak at El Centro on his book The $100 Start Up tour. For the last year or so, I kept hearing about Chris’s book. I saw many women’s groups hosting twitter chats, and many write-ups in magazines. Up until one of my good twitter friends tweeted a link to his book tour, I didn’t truly decide to give this book a chance. After his post, I knew I needed to meet the man that is causing all this commotion in the entrepreneur world. But, how could I meet him if  I hadnt read his book? I got on Amazon, and ordered it with several other books (which tends to happen when I set out to buy just ONE book on Amazon). This book is going down as one of my favorites of 2013. It’s just like Chasing Cool, Rubies In The Orchard + Crush It were for me last year (my top 3 books of 2012). They are all chalked full of great information! 

Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup book tour Dallas

Chris answering audience questions.

In the book, Chris speaks on a wide variety of subjects in the entrepreneurial world that many people face every day. He uses real life stories to make his point on each subject, and a majority of the stories are of people who had never had an entrepreneurial career before. There are also stories of individuals who love their job, and a six figure small business too.

During his hour conversation with us, Chris talked more about the people in the book, and who he is as a person. One thing I learned from him and why he is loved so much by millions is because he truly cares about people and their lives. He gives you great advice and is excited, just like you are, about your project. I talked to Chris after his speech about my tour I am embarking on next month and he gave me extra motivation and insight about traveling. One lady in the audience said he was “skimming over his success,” which was my initial thought too. She wanted to know how he maintained and achieved his success while remaining humble.

Chris signing books $100 Startup Tour

Chris signing books after the conversation

One thing everyone should know is that you must be passionate about their business–otherwise it wont work. Chris spoke on how to make money selling coffee on eBay. Thousands of people do this, and make a great living. I couldn’t sell coffee if my life depended on it, there is no passion there. You can listen to countless hours of success stories but you must remember to obtain success in your own life. Nobody’s plan is ever the same.

If you have the chance to hear Chris speak this year, I recommend attending and asking a question. If not, buy his book, which is chalked full of great information that can help you along your journey. I have learned things in that book that I have shared with several friends. All the advice has pushed them over the hump. If you can’t afford the book, just check out his blog. I have added his World Domination Summit to my 2013 must do list.

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