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How To Make Your Business Instagram Account More Appealing

Girllllll, I want you to win especially in the social media space. There are a plethora of small businesses doing social media wrong. Let’s break down how you can make your business Instagram account more appealing. A visually appealing timeline is not only inviting but makes your customers engage and want to support your small business. 

Instagram Bio

Yes, if someone finds you on the discover page they will see a photo first. However, if that photo brings them onto your page, your bio, and other photos will keep them. Here is a before and after of Imperfect Concepts Bio. Since then, I have to remove the snapchat link because I prefer utilizing Instagram stories. It has an arrow directing them to read my latest blog post. One thing, I noticed was user rarely clicked bitly links used in the bio when someone was their promoting a workshop, nor do they click long links to a direct post.

Insight on how to update and polish your business instagram account. | Imperfect Concepts

Add A Professional Logo or Headshot

People want to know who they are following. I am always checking out others profile photos when I am on their pages. If you’re a product based company, it is important that you use a high-resolution image of your logo. Please make sure your companies name is clear especially since its a subtle circle. If you’re a service-based business, I prefer you have a professional photo. Clients will be dealing with you one on one for service. It builds a level of trust, and they can visualize who they will be working with. A smile goes a long way when it comes to first impressions.

Create A Posting Schedule

As many of you are aware of Instagram has implemented the change on how we see our timeline. It is important to create a posting schedule, which your audience knows when you will be online. When I attended Youtube Creator day in Austin, they mentioned the same thing when it comes to posting your videos. People are comfortable when they have a schedule and know when you will be posting; it brings familiarity. For Imperfect Concepts my posting schedule is Monday-Friday around 9 am CST. There is no posting on Saturday and on Sunday I post around 5 pm CST. My schedule was determined after I started utilizing Planoly. Personally, I suggest posting 1-2 times a day. Hitting morning and evening it honestly depends on your audience.

5 Steps on how you can update your business instagram to be more engaging and user friendly. | Imperfect Concepts

Hashtags Matters

A couple of years ago, I was that person who believed that hashtags were super spammy and brought you the wrong attention. Yes, spam still happens regardless on social media platforms. Over the last three months, I have been focusing on my hashtag strategy. Currently, in my iPhone note section, there are 10 or so different options for hashtag post. There is hashtag selection for business, lifestyle, planner, Louis Vuitton, Starbucks and more. You see hashtags is what brings you the engagement from other users on the platform. They are searching those hashtags to find new people and resources.

Visual Game Strong

Yo! Let me tell my visual game use to be complete trash. My timeline had no appeal and was just a jumble of a bunch of things going on. Yes, on anyone’s timeline you see the highlight reel and what looks best out of everything. I try to mix inspiration, personal, shoes and business advice all together. My audience knows what they are going to find when they come to my page. Make sure your timeline reflects who are as a small business owner. Its okay to regram post here and there but make sure you credit them. In addition to that, learn how to create your imagery. Here are some examples to help you create a visually strong Instagram feed.

As you can see, my Instagram follower count has increased additional 2455 in less than three months. What matters most is you have engaged followers not ghost ones. All these changes helped grow my page and my influence.

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