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3 Ways You Can Collaborate With Other Small Business Owners

One of the best things about running a business is connecting with other small business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Over the last several years, I have met some of the most amazing people because I took a leap to launch my business. The last two years, of running my online boutique I was able to collaborate with photographers, graphic designers, studio owners and even bloggers. We were both able to leverage our friendship into a great business coloration with each other. Today, I want to share some simple ways on how to collaborate with other small business owners. 

First, note you don’t have to live in the same city, state or country to work together. It’s all about the end goal that both of you have in mind. That’s something most people forget about and get wrapped up in the details. You want this to be a win-win situation. Here a couple of things you need to know before you collaborate with other small business owners;

  • Who do you want to partner up with
  • Why do you want to partner up with them
  • What do you bring to the table
  • What do they bring to the table
  • How will this be a win-win situation for both us
  • Do we need any legal documents set up
  • How do I have a relationship with the person I want to work with
  • Have I created a solid pitch idea
  • How will the collaboration work together
  • Who is my target audience
  • Do our target audience have similarities

Funny, when attending Youtube Creator Day a couple of years ago they mention collaborating with others to make content that we could cross promote. Because of that what you’re doing when you’re collaborating on a project. You are cross promoting each other audience. It’s important this collaboration work for both sides of the scale.

Social Media Campaigns

In recent months companies such as; Fashion Nova and Snob Mobb have done amazing social media collaboration with online influencers. We died laughing watching Joanne The Scammer run from Fashion Nova office and loved when the Her Import makeover happens too. Recently, Ming Lee owner of Snob Life Studios in Atlanta partnered with Mrs. Shirleen for a hilarious back to school hair sale skit. You’re probably thinking well Tasha I do not have the following of the company or the influencers. It’s not about the following that matters. Its about finding someone who meshes well with your company and you both can leverage for your platforms.

A perfect example is my business collaborating with planners, office/home decor or coffee. Three things I know for constantly doing that makes sense with my audience, and I am not just out here slinging some bounty sheets because they check was right. Collaborations have to be organic and real. Your collaborate doesn’t need a million one followers. They need a loyal following.

 Learn why and how you can create a win win partnership with other bloggers, influencers and small business owners. | Imperfect Concepts


Lifestyle sales more than a regular stock image of a product. Customers want to know how things will fit into their life on a day to day basis. If you love a particular t-shirt, accessories or clothing line, this is perfect chance to collaborate with each other. If you don’t live in the same city, you can just create a contract agreement with the breakdown of exactly everything needs to know regarding the photoshoot. Here are a couple of examples

  • T-shirt Line-X Jewelry Company – How to wear statement necklaces with t-shirts
  • Personal Shopper X Clothing Store – How To Mix and Match Outfits or How To Pack 21 Outfits In A Carry On
  • Natural Skincare Line-X Beauty Vlogger – Creating Videos on how to establish a skincare routine

All these ideas and more can be done in your local city or partnering with other small business owners. The ideas are limitless of all the creativity that can happen.

Feature Each Other

This one is pretty darn simple. One thing I love doing is featuring other small business owners I support by sharing a tweet of the product I recently purchased. Other times, I simply ask others can I mention them in my newsletter. I do not need anything from them at all. I just want to share each other’s business. Holiday season is fast approaching this is the perfect time to make a list of companies you can feature on your blog, social media or email. Allowing your audience to know of other small business owners to support.

These three ways on how to collaborate with other small business owners are pretty straightforward. The hardest part will be finding small business, entrepreneurs, and influencers you want to connect with. Tis the season to build a community around each other.

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