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Building Buzz For Your Company Without Any Products

One of the recurring questions in Buy Tasha Coffee has been how can I build buzz for my business without a current product to sale. I am a huge advocate of building your company brand 90 days + ahead of time verse just launching. The world is already filled with so much noise and clutter your business doesn’t need to be labeled as that.

It’s imperative as small business owners you utilizes this four-part plan to start building buzz for your small business before you launch without a product.

Social Media Plan

After purchase, your domain name, acquire your email and the legal entity you should’ve secured all the social media handles for your business. One aspect people think about but don’t think all the way through is acquiring the social media handles. You want all your handles to match, that way it’s easier to find you. Here is something you need to do:

  • Captivating Bio
  • Establish Automation Schedule
  • Join Twitter chats
  • Make sure all Facebook post have a photo attached
  • Provide call to actions such as; sign up for our newsletter
  • Engage your audience by targeting hashtags in your industry
  • Follow, Engage, and Follow
  • Inform your audience what is going on
  • Create custom graphics for your brand

Complete breakdown on how you can establish a brand without having products at launch time. | Imperfect Concepts

Local Marketing Plan

As much as I love social media, I know it’s forever changing, and I need to have a local presence to grow my business. Every day, you’re out and about running errands for your personal life or business. This is the perfect time to create buzz for your new business. My favorite thing to tell clients is to wear their pieces. If you have a t-shirt line, you should wear your shirts every chance you get. Yes, I know you have no product but hey you can get a company shirt made for you to wear or even a baseball cap. It’s free advertising for your business.

  • New Customer Flyers – Pass out every day if possible
  • Custom Promo Codes
  • Attend (2) networking events a week
  • Invite other business owners out for coffee
  • Search social media for other business in your town. Reach out to collaborate.
  • Join your local chamber of commerce, junior league, urban league and other professional groups

Create A Landing Page Today

Having comingsoon.com in your social media bio is not going to cut it. Especially, since you’re not directing people to your website. Someone owns that domain name. You need to start building buzz by having a landing page where your audience can learn about you, your business, the mission and more. There are several ways for you to build a landing page for a very low cost.

Email Marketing or Blogging or Vlogging

The decision is yours, but you must select one and start utilizing it for building buzz with your company. I have some clients who prefer not blogging or vlogging, but they send out newsletters every other week to their audience. There was a time I was insisted on my clients and readers on blogging. However, I have learned you must find which option is best for your platform. You want to keep your audience informed regarding what is going on with your business.

Building buzz for your small business without having a product at the start is no issue. It’s all about creating a solid plan that you can attack daily.

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