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How To Design Newsletter Opt In For Your Website

If you have shopped on a small business owners website in the last year or read most blogs you have encounter a pop up or opt in that alerts customers or readers to sign up for a newsletter. This is a great way to increase your newsletter subscribes by offering them a free gift for subscribing. Today, I want to teach you how to design a newsletter opt in for your website that wows. 

Size Matters

Depending on the shopping cart you are using g from Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce or Squarespace  you are going to need to know the sizing of the opt in banner that will go on your website. Today, I am going to design two different sizing options. The sizes for this exercise will be 850 x 360 and 590 x 440.

How to style email newsletter opt in for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts


Personally, I believe this is one of the biggest aspects of making sure your opt in for your newsletter makes the wow factor. When you are taking photos of your products you are going to want to make sure you do a couple stylized shots to use for things such as this, social media and more. If you’re a service based business you can purchased styled stock photography. Make that the imagery is high resolution because you will be cropping the image.

3 Tips on styling a visually appealing opt in for your website. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #graphic #design #email #marketing


Next on the design aspect of your opt in is you want to make sure the key phrases entice your customer to sign up. As mentioned in 3 Call To Action Phrases You Should Alter Today, you want to make sure the right phrases are used. Your audience needs a reason to sign up for your newsletter. On social media, I always state people who sign up for newsletters are truly loyal because they took it a step further when following your company news.

Design matters when creating your email opt in pop up. | Imperfect Concepts

Coding Extra

Depending on how you are setting up your opt in via a third party app or doing coding yourself you can add the features such as social media icons like the ones I added to the example 1. There are a plethora of third party plugins that can be used to help design your pop up form depending on the shopping cart you use.

Don’t skim on the design of your email pop up form you want to make sure its just as amazing as the other designs on your website.

Styled stock photo: Shay Cochrane

Images by The Every Girl  + Hello Fashion

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