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Using Squarespace for Small Business

One of the main things I struggled with when launching my first start-up was the actual design and implementation of the online store front. Let’s first note that — “online store front, e-commerce site and shopping cart” are interchangeable phrases. They are terms used in describing your website. It can be very confusing when launching, but we are here to simplify it for you. Online shopping has changed drastically since I entered the industry five years ago.

A great solution for your small business is Squarespace. Simplicity at its finest. I discovered them early last year when I was a speaker at TXSC conference. They were one of the sponsors and several of the bloggers attending were very knowledgeable about them. When the process of how to sell my e-books was up for discussion, they were a top choice. My consultation website is now built on Squarespace. It is by far the easiest shopping cart for newbie business to launch on.

I know first hand how easily you can outgrow other shopping carts with their complicated dashboards, ridiculous amounts of plugins, template integration struggles and more.

I actually refer all my clients to build their sites on Squarespace until they can afford to build a custom site. Squarespace is easy to maintain, has a friendly dashboard and great design aspects. Comparing their design level needs is like playing Tetris rather then actually using straight HTML-css code designing. They use “blocks” to place everything on the site. Very simple. If it does confuse you, they have tech support and amazing forums. You do not necessarily need to be a website designer or developer to create your site. You can hire someone from Fiverr to create your call to action graphics or hire a graphic designer also.

Furthermore, a blog is automatically integrated into the platform. This is very important for your small business, we know what the business of blogging can do, plus creating loyal brand ambassadors. You will not have to incorporate Blogger, WordPress or even Typepad platform into your site. It is all in one place. The site already has a great search engine optimization in place.

One of the key points that helps a plethora of my clients is Squarespace shows you what others have built using their templates. If you are not super creative then this will help spark it. They are very comparable to other shopping cart options when it comes to price point. Squarespace offers three different levels of pricing. If you are just starting out the professional option is amazing, likewise you save money when you buy a year upfront verses month to month.

Do you have a service based business? Don’t fret, digital product is something they do really well. You just upload the file and your customers will get a link to download via their email. If the customers forgets to download you have the option to resend the file. Other sites need you to add plugins and much more. All of that costs more money to buy plus you must have a my developer add on. Too much work.

If you need a guide for using Squarespace, try Digital Launch Kit: Launch on Squarespace to help you.

Have you heard of Squarespace? Are they on your short list to build your dream website? Are you looking to launch an e-commerce site for your business?

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