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8 Elements Your Website Is Missing

You’ve launched, so now what? Are you waiting for customers to flock to your site in droves? Guess what? It doesn’t really happen like that. In addition, there is a huge chance that you’re probably missing several key elements to your website. Always remember that your company’s website is how you communicate and build trust with your customers.

Custom Domain

Do you have a $1.08 in your business checking account? If yes, go to GoDaddy! right now and purchase your domain. First, Google the .99 cent promo code. Owning your domain is the first thing that builds trust. It’s the same as your business email. Nothing screams unprofessional than yourcompany@gmail.com! You can mask and forward the domain name. This month I have purchased 10 domains. Also, it is important to select the privacy option when checking out. This prevents them from providing your private information such as email, name, and phone number.

Social Media

Every business owner needs to be on social media. Even if it’s only on two platforms that you understand and like using. You have the option of having your social media icons at the bottom or top of your website. Regardless of where they are located, make sure they are linked to YOUR actual profile not just linked to twitter. You want to direct customers to follow you. Also, you can customize the design of how your icons look. Check out these options on Etsy.

Search Bar

Can people search for your site to find what they are looking for? The purpose of the keywords you are using are not just for Google SEO. Customers might not remember the particular product name but they remember it’s a digital launch kit, powerful woman Tee or crystal beaded necklace.

Explaining why you need contact information on multiple places on your website and much more

Multiple Forms of Contact

Let me guess you have a contact form and its solves all problems. WRONG. Most contact forms coding can break and you’re not receiving inquires. Now you have angry customers and future customers. It happen to me. Add your company email to the footer of your site. In addition, a google voice number goes along way. Add email and phone number to your question section in FAQ and on your about page.

Stellar About Page

Who are you? Customers and potential partners need to know this information. Your about page is one of the top places for customers to connect with you. Forge a bond between you and them. Don’t just put the “I was inspired by mom grandma to launch my clutch line” Tell them a story. People want to be sold to and you do this by selling to their emotions. A story they can connect can build a bond.

Policies: Terms of Service, Privacy, Shipping and Return

This is critical aspect of your website. The cover your behind aspect. Below is a screen shot of a VERY popular beauty empire’s website. She has the template information on the site. No Privacy Policy, ToS or other policies on her site leaving her open to a plethora of liabilities by her customers. Never not have this either. Hire a lawyer to write it for you. As for shipping and return policy you can think of those terms on your own.

example of a bad privacy policy page

Photo of you

Honestly, I like to know what the person looks like that I am supporting. This might be strange to some but as small business owners people like to associate a face to the brand. Hire a local photographer to do head shots. You want a professional photo. Not your iPhone snap shot your cousin cropped out.


As a service based business I know how imperative it is for future clients to know how much I charge. For my business, I actually have a monthly retainer for clients. They go into the process knowing it’s going to cost x a month to work with me. Most service business think its a bad idea to list price. If a client really wants to work with you prices won’t scare them off. However, not listing them makes them run to someone who has it listed. They don’t have to wait via email correspondence.


This is one of my favorite pages on small businesses website. Its also the one most people forget to add. Or they do the bare minimum. This is your time to shine and answer every possible question a client or customer can have. One site listed everyone’s favorite starbucks drink. It was funny and cute. Showed me they had a sense of humor and they wanted their future clients to know who they are and answer their questions. Be transparent.

This might seem like common sense things to have on your website but I actually see it daily these things are messing from peoples websites. Do you have all these things on your site?

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