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Are Blogger Alienating Their Audience With liketoKNOWit

If you, have an instagram account and follower bloggers or influencers you are very familiar with “liketoKNOWit “. The basics of the program is that you will a blogger or influencers post and email will be sent directly to you with information regarding whatever is the photo. I will be completely honest, I loathe liketoKNOWit . There was time in the blogging world where you can ask where something was from and they shared. There were numerous times Emily from Cupcake and Cashmere responded to my tweets and personal emails. 

However, now it feels bloggers and influencers are alienating their audiences by only focusing on making money from the links. Amber a Texas native is the founder of Reward Style and liketoKNOWit,  which is a brilliant business model that is something you can not knock. There was a need for bloggers and influencers to monetize their businesses. We can all agree there are ways to monetize without being greedy and selfish.

There are a couple lifestyle and beauty bloggers that I follow on social media. You will see their audience ask where they have gotten something be it on Snapchat or Instagram. They will write a lengthy response on how if they just sign up for Like It To Know It, they will receive the direct information in their email. In that paragraph of an explanation they could’ve told them. Its like the girl with the cute outfit on you compliment and they she says this old thing and can’t remember where she got it. Knowing she just got it at Zara last week.

How They Make Money

When you click a Rewardstyle or liketoKNOWit link you are saving cookies on your computer regarding this visit. Cookies stay on your computer for an average of 30 days. They will be cached every time you visit the site. So, say your favorite blogger has a collage of items that are must purchases. You click a link to Nordstrom for workout pants. You buy the workout pants and 3 other things that total $350. That blogger is receiving a percentage.

This is a double edge sword in my opinion, if a blogger links to a product I never heard of yes, I am very thankful and believe they should receive monetary benefits. However, if I buy 8 more things I was planning on, no they should not.

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Problems With liketoKNOWit  & Rewardstyle

I personally have a love/hate relationship with two fashion/lifestyle bloggers. They seem like two very sweet girls who love their husband, jesus, fashion, coffee and home decor. They sound like my best friends in my head actually. However, they are very quick to direct people to clicks verse telling them the item. Honestly, I will respect you more for just sharing information verse trying to make commission off of me as a consumer.

There are times I feel 90% of the items they link are similar not the exact item. High percentile of followers are wanting that exact item not a similar. Heck, I can find a similar very easily. I always tell clients if Beyonce ends up with your items the beyhive is going to want that item not a similar. In addition to that, I will see bloggers talk about Jesus and having compassion and then link their outfit. Really, did you just pimp Jesus in your post for some sales.

Why liketoKNOWit is running bloggers relationship with followersInstagram conversation between a popular blogger and one of her followers.

What About C/O or Sponsored

This is another huge issue I have seen in the blogging world so many items are gifted, c/o or sponsored and a blogger discloses once, but makes money off that item. Heck, I have seen bloggers be gifted items such as the Kate Spade Beau bag to only sell it in a blogger sale later on. Blogging has become more about making money than truly having an outlet.

Yes, I long for the good old days of blogging and I know that is long and gone. Yes, I understand making money for your business. I personally run ICB Consults, a consulting firm helping women launch their own businesses. However, I believe if my audience ask me a direct question I don’t need to sell them, I just need to answer the question. There are millions of ways to make money being a blogger or influencer slinging similar items for higher prices sometimes is not the way.

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