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Why Business Cards Matter

They are not just your calling card or a way for someone to learn about your company — they are an essential piece of your company. After you have given all you’ve got through networking gatherings, conferences, seminars or even over coffee, these are how you will be remembered. There are some people they just cannot put a face to a name. However, they can remember who gave them that one business card that stood out. Since launching, I have gone through a multitude of business card designs. Some I have loved, some I have hated, but hey, they were free and then there were some I was just indifferent to and never got them printed. 

Its All About The Paper

What quality paper you use is super important in this matter. It separates the perception of I just used the cheapest company around people from the people that know a good paper stock when they see it. I am always inspired when I feel a good, heavy card stock in my hands. Nowadays, people go with the matte, shiny gloss and rounded edges look. Hey, I even did it when I first launched, but you don’t want that. If you are printing your cards with a local company, sit down and talk card stock with them. Feel the paper-actually see how it feels in your hand. You want quality over quantity.

Custom Design vs Generic Design

Since writing my e-books, I have changed my thoughts on Vista Print solely off finding out they offer different levels of business card designs. Most people don’t see the card as an investment, so they go with the CHEAPEST one that the company offers — which is a horrible mistake. I always suggest hiring a graphic designer to create the card for you. You can get a card design by using Fiverr, CJW Design Company, or even companies like Tiny Print, offer design options with a small fee. I have seen some eye catching cards. From ones that have pop up suitcases inside, to metal ones that look like credit cards; even cards that are like iPhone’s. Be creative, even check out our pinterest boards on Business Branding and Business Savvy for some ideas.

Its All About You

What you say on your card matters too. What I love about Blake from TOMS shoes is they’ve removed the title of the person within the company. He is not the CEO, Blake is the Chief Shoe Giver. That sticks out when someone reads it. Everyone says they are the CEO of their company when its just them and maybe their dog. Be creative, don’t overwhelm with too much information on your business card. The standard business card is 3.5 x 2. Most people try to fit too much on a card: a QR Code, social media names, email, title, logos, photo and the kitchen sink. Simplicity stands out in a crowded market. Your name, title (if needed), website and a way to contact you are great.

Use these three elements to guide you in the process of creating spectacular business cards for your business. Are you currently creating new business cards? What do you love about yours or what have you learned about creating them.

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