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The Difference Between A Tribe and Mastermind Groups

Over the last year, I have heard more and more about Tribes and Mastermind groups. Last year and this year, I wrote about Building A Tribe Of Small Business Owners and Find Your Tribe In A Competitive World because I noticed more and more how lonely being a business owner can be for some. However, one thing I had noticed is a plethora of people were confusing a tribe and mastermind groups. 

First and foremost, tribes and mastermind groups are just different. Let me break down what each is for better of understanding. Some people work well with having tribes others are better in mastermind groups.

What Is A Tribe

Its really this simple your tribe is a group of friends that has formed around you. They are people who have meshed well with your characteristics, morals and more. My tribe of women is all in my age demographic and they are moving in the same direction as me, as a business owner, friend, family member, wife and more. Your tribe is people you go have drinks with, cry about customers being cray cray and such like that. Your tribe is formed organically over time. There is four women in business tribe are more like family and we talk on a regularly. Sometimes, there is conversations all day, but I have never gone a week without speaking to them.

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What Is A Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups are designed to connect with others in different areas of life and you are learning, networking and connecting with each other. Yes, same thing as your tribe somewhat but most mastermind groups are focused on particular topic matters, growth, industry and market. Once a month, I meet with five other women for two hour lunch. Our topics range on how we can improve our lives, the community, business and things on that subject matter. A plethora of mastermind groups also do levels if you join a MM community of sorts. Its like dating others to improve your life in various areas. You are meeting with your mastermind group maybe once a month or quarter.

Regardless, if you are trying to find your tribe or become a parter of mastermind group knowing how to cultivate solid genuine relationships matter. In The Power of 10 Network, ebook I share how I connected with people like Sara Blakely, Angela Ahrendts and Warren Buffet to just name a few. In recent months, I have cultivated relationships of Jen Fleiss of Rent The Runway using the tips in the ebook.

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