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6 Tips On How To Become A Morning Person

People are either morning people or night owls. Yes, I am that cheerful morning person most people want to go sit in the corner and hush it. Being raised by two military parents being a morning person is just part of my DNA. Yes, I do sleep in some days when I am working late the night before or its the weekend. However, once I am awake am there and ready to go. Let me share six tips on how to become a morning person. 

Morning Rituals

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning. The first thing I do is say my simple prayer for the day

Dear Heavenly Father, complete the work you have begun in me. Set my eyes on things above not material things. Allow my ears to hear the words you want me to hear, allow my eyes to focus on you, allow my mouth to speak your words and allow my hands to be used.

After that, I go to my bible app. Then I go take my shower, get dressed and make breakfast. I have a morning ritual no matter where I am this is what happens. Even when I travel I make time to sit down and eat breakfast.

No Snoozing

Too many people have eight alarms set up on their phone. The last one is “get your behind out of bed you gonna be late” alarm. Stop hitting snoozing. Set your alarm clock up to ring at one time and make sure it blaring and across the room.

No Phones In The Bedroom

One of the best thing you can do is put your phone on the other side of the room. I know people and couples who leave their phones in the living room or kitchen. This helps them sleep at night. They are not distracted by their phones and able to sleep.

Very practical tips on how you can wake up with enthusiasm each day. | Imperfect Concepts

Sleep Apps

If you cannot leave your phone in the other room try setting up a sleeping aid app. One of my favorite apps is the Sleep Cycle Alarm. I started using it almost 3 years ago to help me sleep. Back then I was truly struggling to fall asleep at night and I was annoyed when I woke up the night morning. This app help me truly get my sleep cycle in order. It wakes you up at the perfect time vs abruptly waking you up.

Drink some Coffee or Tea

This year, I gave up coffee for the last 30 days of lent. Since, then I have had it maybe six times. I have no taste for it. However,  my version of tea gives me that burst of energy and health benefits. Every morning, I drink AVC, honey, lemon juice, cayenne and cinnamon. It takes so good. A couple times, I accidentally poured too much cayenne but I powered through it.

Extra Time To Build

A plethora of my followers who are still working 9to5, share how they do not have enough hours in the day to build their dreams. There are 24 hours in the day. I always state this to people. Setting your alarm to wake up at 5 am verse 7 am gives you an extra two hours to build. Those two hours can be used to catch up on emails, design a newsletter campaign, process orders or even automate your social media.

Try testing out some of these six tips on how to become a morning person.  personally believe the sleep cycle app will be a great place to start first.

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