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Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone To Pursue Your Dreams

A majority of people living in this world are in a mindset of survivng and staying in their comfort zone verse of thriving and moving into a space of joy, love, happiness and abundance. I see it everyday with people. You can tell a person who has joy and living out their dreams verse someone who feels like they are staring at a dead end sign at all times. 

Stepping out your comfort zone to pursue your dreams is beyond scary to so many people. Mainly because they don’t know how to live out that zone they have created for themselves. One thing I am proud of is I never put limits on myself neither did my parents. They told me constantly I could do anything I put my mind to, it just took hard work, determination and focus.

What Are Your Dreams

Have you ever state down and said what your dreams, goals, and visions are? No, seriously have you sat down and wrote them out what you want to achieve in life. There are several dreams I have such as being a wife, mom, million dollar business owner, investor, home owner and more. The ones I can control like business owner, investor and such I write plans for. How can I achieve these goals in x amount of time. Yes, some goals are further off than others but I can make 3 year plans that have sub goals. Thats why its important to create SMART goals.

Mindset Matters

So many people are not running away from their fears, but actually running with their fears. Everywhere their fears go they go. They don’t know what its like to actually live a life of abundance. If you are constantly talking about your fears, stress, anxiety and more you are not giving yourself time to speak the life of your dreams up. Everyday, I wake up thinking “today is a good day to have a great day. I am excited about the opportunities coming to me today. I live a harmonious life full of love, happiness, wealth, joy and success.” Long as you are speaking defeat you will live a life of defeat.

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Even my phone, iPad, and macbook screen keep me aligned with the life I want to live. They have my vision board on them. My vision board is compromised of ideal husband, love, family, home, business, clothing style, bible verses and more. It helps me stay out of my comfort zone.

What Does It Look To Take A Step Out

Most people think for them to leave their comfort zone requires some huge leap. Stepping out your comfort zone to pursue your dreams sometimes starts with a simple steps that helps you move forward each day. Here are a couple things I did to help me move from life of comfort to a world of ambition and success.

  • Affirmations – create 3 to 5 affirmations you say daily
  • Vision board – design the life I want to live. able to see daily
  • Surround myself with like minded people
  • Set short and long term goals
  • Reward myself when I reach goals
  • Extend grace to myself
  • Take it one day at a time

Living in your comfort zone will keep you where you are with no growth. Lots of reasentment towards yourself and others living their dreams. Jealous and anger is stemmed from seeing others doing what you want. Most inseceruties are tied back to personal issues not the person we are deflecting them onto. Today, take the steps towards living out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams.

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