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5 Ways To Build Your Company With Word Of Mouth

In the last four years of business, I have solely focused on utilizing word of mouth to build my company over paid advertising and marketing strategies. In past years, I experimented with paid advertising on blogs and there was no real return on investment for me as a business owner. Then I started really observing how I as a consumer was buying from “strangers” on the internet and such. Because technically if you don’t know someone they are a stranger, lol. 

These are the 5 ways to build your company with word of mouth that I realized worked on my audience, myself and friends that I have.

Promotion Cards

So, most people immediately think of the cards that were on the car window when they leave the mall or the club or something of that nature. I tell my clients to use promotion cards vs passing out business cards to potential customers. On the average at social events everyone is giving out a business card. They tend to look the same when you get home. However, a promotion card with your image of their product on the front. Then on the back it has the same information as business card expect you place a promo code on there. So, every time you pass them out to someone you are able to track that code to when YOU interacted with someone.

Networking Events (conference + workshops)

I am not aint networking event that happen at lounges or places with wine involved but rarely are those worth your time. The more I attend big conference and workshops with my ideal audience did I make more connections than ever before. Especially, when I allowed my light to shine by asking questions and engage others. If the conference or workshop is in your town you are able to connect with your local audience.

College Campus

This is the gold mine that most people do not tap into at all. Ever wonder how apps like Tinder, Bumble and others got big. They had campus outreach that were out there with their target audience. If you are a small business owner that really wants to tap into a local or even global market college campus are great place to get word of mouth out. Calling sorority or frat houses and ask them to host events. Pizza, wings, and drinks goes a long way with that audience. Especially, if they are your target audience, they will likely spread the news about your business to their other friends, chapters and more.

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The Power of 10 Network

Everyone has friends that has friends. Its that simple no one is an island and tapping into your current friend roster is the perfect way to build a company through word of mouth. In, The Power of 10 Network ebook I discuss cultivating powerful relationships and how to mature them. If 10 friends all refer 10 new people to you a year span thats over 100 people who are now aware of your business.

Walking Advertisement

If I was walking down the street would you be repping your brand? One thing I teach my clients is they need to be wearing or carrying their products at all time. For example, I had been telling one client to carry her tote plus some shirts in it. At first she thought it was silly, then people started wanting to buy her product right off of her. If you own a beauty line carry samples, if you are a t-shirt brand wear your shirts as much as possible, if you are beauty or accessory company you need to be rocking them.

Building a company off of word of moth is simpler than most people assume. Think of ways to implement one or all these into your marketing plans.

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