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3 Ways To Land Sales First Day of Business

One of my main goals to accomplish with each client that signs with ICB Consults is to land them sales on first day! The psychology behind this is, if you acquire sales on the first day of business you are more inclined to believe you can do this. If you don’t land sales within the first 72 hours of business, your confidence starts to die and you start second guessing if can you really do this. 

90 Days of Building Buzz

Before you launch you should be building buzz for your small business online and in your local community. In the article, Grow Your Brand Locally , we share several tips to maximize your reach in your community. To be quite frank nobody knows you outside of your friends and family. Getting your name out there helps others learn more about you. Deploying a 90 day strategic marketing plan ensures you will get more eyeballs on your site outside of your grandma and her retirement home friends.

  1. Establish your company’s social media name on various platforms
  2. Create strategic scheduling plan for each platform
  3. Curate images that portray the lifestyle you want your customers to buy into
  4. Make sure visual imagery is high quality
  5. Showcase your expertise in your field

Customer Acquisition Plan

The way you land sales is through the acquisition of customers, that’s plain and simple. Even with B2B companies your clients are still customers. ICB Consults has a small social media following, however, the best thing about my audience is they are loyal. They found me through a friend of a friend or word of mouth advertising. On tip 5 of 90 Days of Building Buzz I mention showcasing your expertise in your field. That is what I constantly do through this medium (content based media company aka a blog) and through social sharing on Instagram. This helps me acquire customers.

Week + Day of Marketing

The week of launch and day of launch are very important to your success. If you are launching on a Tuesday morning you have the seven days before launch to push heavily on your business. Each day leading up to the launch, you need to be posting on social media reminding customers that you are launching very soon, to sign up for your newsletter, and much more. On the actual launch day you want an email marketing campaign to go out to your subscribers. You can a/b test the marketing. One in the early morning and one in the evening. To ensure your audiences see it.

  1. Host A Giveaway
  2. (2) email marketing campaigns
  3. Sponsor post on blogger website
  4. Launch day discount code

What steps did you employ when launching your online store? How can you use these three things to ensure you land sales on the first day of launch?

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