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5 Ways To Increase Sales in 90 Days

Revenue, sales, bottom line…that’s all that small business owners can think of. It can be very frustrating at times to see others making money, their social media presences growing and succeeding. It makes you second guess whether you entered the right market, is your product right, can you really succeed amongst the top dogs. You can! Here are five ways to increase your sales within the next 90 days, if done consistently.

Determine Top Sellers

Every company has a top seller that customers flock to. This should be front and center on your website. Make it one of your call to action banners directing customers there. Showcase that item or service off. If you sell ebooks and 4000 have download a specific book create a testimonial call to action banner right next to it. Get three quotes from readers it has helped and put that next to the eBook image along with “4000 Happy Customers Be Our Next One”. This builds trust around your top seller.


This is a huge factor in why you are not making money. Your pricing may be hurting you. Many boutiques think $10 items are going to help increase sales. Nope, sorry. It will take 100 people spending $10 to make $1000. Start working harder and smarter when it comes to strategic pricing. If your sales goal is $1000 for the month. 10 people spending $100 is the quicker way to achieve this. Or 20 people spending $50. Start pricing items accordingly. Learn the right mark ups for your business.

Two Newsletter Monthly Minimum

People are constantly on their phones. The average American looks at their phone 150 times a day. Your company needs to be right in their hands, with email marketing. Be aggressive by making sure your seen constantly. It is easier now more than ever to design a newsletter and send it out. For a boutique, show off your top seller and link other items as well. Service companies, be an expert in your field through sharing knowledge. Designing your newsletter got even easier with D’Brand In A Box.

Engage on Social Media

How are you currently using your company’s social media pages? Not your personal because they should be separate? Are you engaging your ideal customers or just posting photos, tweets, and other stuff not thinking about it. Each social media platform is different and can bring you different results. Twitter is great for me to join in chat. Showing off my “expertise” which helps increase my readers and coaching clients. Instagram allows me to share inspirational tips plus give insight. Both platforms I am continuously engaging back and forth.

Host Private Trunk Shows

Take it back to the tupperware days of your mom inviting her friends over to sell the latest thing to help with leftovers. Set up show bi -weekly or weekly at a friend or family members house. How do you think Mary Kay or Stella Dot have grown into huge companies. Their success depends on these parties they host. If you ask 6 friends to host parties for the next 90 days and each invite 15 people to the parties that’s 45 potential customers right there.

For these five ways to increase sales in 90 days to work you have to be committed to doing all of this 100%! That’s really important. Make a detailed plan and than break it down monthly, weekly, and then daily. Which one of these 5 tips are you going to tackle first?

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