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Playing For Keeps With Clients

Customer acquisition is a huge part of a small businesses equation when it comes to success. There is not a day I don’t hear “how hard it is to find clients” or “People are not shopping like they use to”. To be honest it really isn’t hard to find clients and trust me people are still shopping. Last week we discussed How To Win Clients and Influence Them, I hope you took the points listed in that article and examined how you can use that to win clients. 

Let’s focus on how to play for keeps with the clients after you have acquired them. This is a very important aspect of keeping revenue coming in your door. If you have a high turn over rate it is less likely you will be able to keep your physical or virtual business doors opened.

Notes and Gifts For Clients

Everyone knows how much I love handwritten thank you cards and letters. There is something about receiving snail mail that brightens people’s day. Especially in this high-tech world we live in; text message and email are the norm. During the holiday season I send all my current and past clients postcards in the mail. Wishing them a happy holiday season and letting them know I wish them success in the following year. Furthermore, I love sending gifts. Mainly books because knowledge is power. Clients are always surprised when they receive them. This year I am thinking of putting together well curated boxes of goodies for my yearly clients. The thought really matters to them, knowing that they are not just a dollar sign.

Quicker Response Time

Now going against the first point, we do live in the digital age. Response time is imperative when talking with future or current clients. Personally, I answer my current clients emails, text and calls faster than past or future. I want them to know they are always my first priority. Also, when traveling and working with clients I let my other clients know. Last month I was in Dallas for two days helping my client Naomi Rose with FIG Finale. If you have a roster of clients at times they can feel like just a number. Keep them in the loop with what you are doing, so they don’t feel lost. In addition, if you know there are days you are extremely busy set up auto responder for your email.

Go The Extra Mile It’s Never Crowded

This is something I do in my personal and business life. It amazes me how many people prefer being average and mediocre and not going further in their endeavors. Going the extra mile cannot only keep you on your clients good side it can show them you are part of their team and really want them to succeed. Examples of going the extra mile, throwing in a couple extra revisions on a design project, waving a fee, or overnight paperwork. It doesn’t have to be costly when you go the extra mile. Remembering a clients birthday and sending a card is considered going the extra mile. They feel valued.

Everyone in life wants to feel mattered, valued, wanted and needed. Those are things embedded in us. Writing notes or sending gifts will create value in your clients eyes. Answering that email now instead of an hour from now matters. The extra mile is just never crowded so you might as well go ahead and commit to it.

What can you do today to make your clients feel valued by your business?

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