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Ask An Expert: Editor Edition

Last week Katrice’s interview was met with overwhelming response. It truly makes me happy to see that she can help you along your journey as she is for me. If you have not already, follow her on twitter or join her facebook fan page. If you live in the Atlanta area, definitely make sure you follow her.

Where are people going wrong when seeking press for their business?

The most obvious missteps brands make when contacting our editorial department is first, not doing their due diligence prior to contact– so they are not even clear about whether or not what their doing or who they are would fit into our editorial scope. Second, they confuse editorial coverage with marketing. Don’t contact a publication and tell them you want your business to be considered for a story because you want to market your company. In that case, you’d need to call the publication’s sales department.

What are freelancers doing wrong when seeking writing gigs?

Freelancers aren’t challenging themselves to be able to write about a diverse array of subjects, so some are only comfortable writing about one or two topics. In that case, they’re not a commodity within the industry.

Is social media hurting individuals who are freelancers, business owners and students looking for internships.

SONY DSCI think social media is a gold mine for those who know how to use it and are ABLE to back up the social media persona. That’s key.

How does one get the attention of an Editor and keep their attention?

People who are doing something new and different or something old even, in a new way, and doing it with precision gets our attention.

What is the process to become cover worthy?

There’s no process to becoming cover worthy beyond what I said about getting the editor’s attention.

Pitching, what are small business owners doing wrong?

First off, a small business owner pitching themselves is so unnecessary if they make a good introduction and have their business in order. If that’s the case, we will be interested from the introduction. Again, thoroughly review a publication’s website and even study a couple of their issues to know whether or not your brand is even within their scope of coverage before approaching them. As well, it’s even better to be an actual reader of the publications you want to be covered by.

Is there intense research done when deciding who is going to be in the magazine?

There is intense research involved in planning our editorial coverage. I’m always collecting business cards and making notes from conversations with people I meet in passing, and then really delving into the background of the brand as well as brand leadership. I’m all about back stories. Generally, a person who has an impressive story to tell has a hearty background {including success and failure … All of it is progress}. Successful people get to where they are through a process, and their success is the tip of the story. The process – their theories and methods – is what we’re interested in.

Thank you so much Katrice for being apart of our Ask An Expert series. It was truly a pleasure to read your answers and learn more about how my business and other small business owners can tighten up.

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