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5 Ways To Audit Your Website

You have been running your business for a couple of years, but how many times have you audited your website since then. Most people think once their site is built they are all done. There is no more updates nor do they check their pages. Which can lead to several issues for your business and your website. Doing a fall audit of your website can help you see your business a little more clearer and show you the bigger picture. 

Check Social Media

Are your social media icons actually linked to YOUR actual social media profile. Numerous times people install the standard Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Instagram on their pages, but don’t link them to their actual profile. All that standard link does is direct readers to twitter not your company’s page. So you will land on www.twitter.com vs www.twitter.com/imperfctconcept.

social media linking

Install and Unistall Plugins

If you have a WordPress (self-hosted) website and you use plugins to help maintain or give the site its overall design aesthetic. If you are like me you probably have a number in a red icon circle glaring at you once a week. Updating your plugins is very crucial to your site. Always make sure you read what bugs they fixed and more. Furthermore, uninstall plugins you are not using on your site. They can cause issues. What has helped personally is using Manage My WP program. I can remove revisions, clear caches, and update plugins all in one place.

Install and Uninstall Plugins

Copyedit your Products + Services

Are you using a copyeditor to go over the wording you use on your website? Or are you just throwing it up and letting it go. It’s imperative that you have someone with SEO knowledge go over your site at least once a quarter. To make sure everything looks right. Especially with service based companies. Using keywords and more can help increase your google and bing ranking.

Update Bio, FAQ, Terms, Polices and more

These pages seem to never be updated and become very stale and boring. Make sure that you are updating your bio, terms, and policies frequently with any new changes. Have you introduced new products, services, or policies to your business, such as, new fees associated with appointment cancellation. Which means your policies and FAQ need to be updated with that new information. By maintaining these different areas there will be less confusion for your customers, clients and more.

Update your Call To Action Banners

New season, new call to actions for your website. Don’t use the same banners over and over. You have introduced new products show them off. What is your top seller for the past 60 days make that a call to action banner that directs them right there. Your focus with these banners is to boost sales up instantly for your company. Also make sure you are linking your higher priced items. It is better to have one person spend $100 verse trying to get 10 people to spend $10.

Open Link In A New WindowBonus tip: When linking on your website or blog make sure you open it in a new window. Make sure to click the “open in new window” option. This stops people from being annoyed from losing their place when they are on your site.

When is the last time you did any of the six tips listed above to improve your company website? What can you do right now to help your website’s performance?

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