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How To Create A Successful Instagram For Small Business

Recent studies show the average adults’ attention span is 8 seconds. In the world we’re in, your small business is trying to keep their attention & make them loyal followers of your brand! To say I get a plethora of questions regarding Instagram is an understatement to say the least. Constant emails, tweets, and more on that subject alone. Note, this isn’t about amassing millions of followers article. You should appreciate having 1000 loyal customers who constantly support you verse one million and they never shop.

Be consistent with your scheduled media!

1. Create a time schedule: Find out where most of your followers live! You want to be sharing when they are on their phones not just when you are online.

2. Use scheduling apps: There is an app to schedule tweets, pins, and post to IG! You can schedule it! read: How To Automate Your Social Media

3. Post Strategically: We don’t need to see new shoes on IG, FB, Twitter, and where ever else. It’s redundant! 

4. Social Media Marketing: Make sure that your graphics for sales and more are appealing and drive a ROI. 

Beautiful Imagery and Visuals Matter!

You fall in love with your eyes. You are compelled to buy things solely off of seeing them! Here is the question: if you know you are visual and your audience is visual why do you put up imagery that conveys the opposite?

1. Get The Right Apps: Vscocam & Snapseed are apps with amazing quality for photography on iPhones! If you are gonna use your phone use the right app!

2. Lighting matters: Sharing a dark photo where you can barely see the product kills it! Shoot at the right time of day.

3. DSLR Camera: Not all bloggers and brands are using their iPhones! They have pulled out their expensive cameras to get the shot! Your company needs one regardless! 

4. Curate Your Images: Only the best images should make it on social media! Does that grainy photo of your bracelets entice someone to buy them. NOPE! 

Don’t Constantly Push The Hard Sale

Social media is a great tool to enhance the community you SHOULD be building on your website. Not just pushing them to buy, buy and buy some more. Share extra tips, insight & product. When I look at some of my favorite IG accounts they are either showcasing a lifestyle I live or want to live!

1. BTS photos of your office, lifestyle and much more. 

2. Shipping product

3. Idea to design to implementation stage

4. Clients repping your brand; Be that great that your brand speaks for itself!

How can you use these 12 tips to help you build a successful Instagram account for your small business? What tips do you have that can help others?

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