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Small Business Resources For Women: Detroit

Detroit is constantly in the news as a city that is going through its own personal depression and economic down turn. However, I believe they are a city on the verge of having its best years yet. They went through some scandal but they have a young group of individuals focused on pushing through the odds and making it a thriving city once again. Instead of bringing back the days of booming factories it will be booming with small business fronts taking over the streets.

10k Small Business Detroit

Is a Goldman Sachs program that was started to help small businesses grow to the level of the increasing economy. You will be part of a network of elite, established professionals who can provide you knowledge, resources, skills, and access to capital. This is an 11 week program for the top small businesses in the community. Learn more about 10K Small Business Detroit.


Is a great resource I found last year on twitter. They are an online platform that shares a multitude of information for the small business, startup, and entrepreneur community. They share information on local events that cater to you as an owner. In addition, the deers of amazing contest that’s going on can fuel the cash flow your business needs. Learn more about Michipreneur here.

Build Institute

A grassroots company whose goal is to help you turn your dreams, ideas, goals, and visions into the reality of owning your own business. They do this through Build Bazaar – pop up shop market, Build Academy – 8 week course, and several other cool programs. One thing I do know is, if I lived in Detroit this is one of the resources I would really tap into. To learn more about Build Institute go here.

SBA Michigan District Office

Going here can connect you with a plethora of resources and connections. They have a list of connections to other small businesses in your community. Looking for a lawyer to help you set up your LLC? They have a database that you can use. They also offer mentorship and counseling for your small business. Learn more about SBA Michigan District Office in this link.

Regional Chamber of Commerce

I love that they have a great additional resource of downloads for their local community. In addition to that members are in groups so you can specifically see who is over a group and what they do. Great way to network. Learn more about Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce through this link.

Michigan Small Business Development Center

Offers a variety of resources from workshops, raising capital, business plan development, and much more. They are engaged on social media and do business spotlights. This is a great way to make connections with them and your other local small business owners. Say you own a social media marketing strategy company. You can offer them tips and insight on how to grow their platform, in addition to, offering your service for free for a workshop. This would help you gain exposure. Learn more about SBDC right here.

Event: A Report’s Perspective “How To Get Your Company On Their Radar” October 30, 2014 – RSVP HERE

As always Detroit has a SCORE office, CRAVE group, Junior League, Women2.0 and LEVO League as resources for your small business needs. Have you tapped into any of the above resources for your small business?

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