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Tackle Your To Do List Like A Boss

Girl, let me tell you now that you have been doing your to do list all wrong and that’s where the frustration is coming form. Trust, me I know this because for a very long time I was tackling my to do list all wrong too. Today, let me teach you how to tackle your to do list like a boss. 

Your List Is Busting At The Seams

You have added everything to your to do list for one day, I mean you are even trying to fix the kitchen sink while doing everything else. This is the main issue people have when it comes to tackling their to do list. Trust me, I know you want to get shit done and check it off your to do list. However, if you do it sloppy you will be doing it all over again. Which means you are wasting valuable time that you cannot get back. Say this with me “I can not do everything in one sitting and thats okay”. Give yourself permission to break your goals, list and errands down.

Bigger Goal Focus

Every month as a business owner I have one or two goals I am looking to achieve that align with my bigger goals for the year. Every since I started utilizing my Small Business Owners Monthly Focus Guide to tackle everything in for digital products, Etsy store, social media, blog and more things got smoother. This is what keeps me on a singular focus on what needs to be achieved. If something is needed to be done it needs to align with achieving the goal for the month. All that extra stuff is distractions which is the reason you’re not getting stuff done. When I started launching Business Bestie I was trying to merge ICB Consults and Imperfect Concepts at the same time. This was a huge no. no. I need to work on one of them not both at the same time. Determine which goals can be put to the side for a later time.

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Numbers Game

How many things are on your to do list at this very moment. I am betting its more than 15 things that are fighting for your attention. After listening to people who could get their inbox down to zero at the end of the day I changed my alignment of goals and things that were on my to do list for the month, week and day. There is one or two goals for the month. During the week there are no more than 40 task that need to be completed. That might sound like a lot and I just told you to clear your plate. Its not when you break down to 7 to 10 things to do a day. Yup, I only have 7 to 10 things to do a day. On Tuesday, I only do one on one consultations with clients. Nothing else, during call breaks I might catch up on a show or even meal prep.

Ordering The Task

Everyone is different with how they accomplish tasks. I asked my audience recently and they were divided on getting the big stuff done first or getting the little stuff done to build the momentum needed to succeed. Determine which way is going to work best for you. Personally, if you know you are dreading do that at the start of the month or week. Do not wait until the weekend to do that. Long as you fear doing it the harder it will be to achieve it.

To achieve any form of success you must not overwhelm yourself. You need to devise a simple plan for the month, week and each day to tackle your to do list like a boss.

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