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November A Month To Remember

A couple of days ago, I shared my humbling experience with you. Today, I am sharing my month with you. November 2013 will be a month to remember years from now. It was that beautiful, crazy, exciting month filled with so much.

With our big announcement coming up, I am excited and nervous at this very moment of what I am about to do with my life. However, Paulo Coehlo said ” If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” This is something that has been in the works since the earlier part of the year. Now, it’s actually taking place and my mind is racing. I am happier than ever, so I am now  taking the right steps in the right direction to achieve my goals.

Tasha: Wrist Soiree Necklace, Sheinside Dress and Target x Prabal Gurung Heels

Camilla Necklace | Sheinside Dress | Target x Prabal Gurung Heels

Tasha: Wrist Soiree Necklace, Sheinside Dress and Target x Prabal Gurung Heels

Thanks of the Month: I would want to thank my Life Coach Raeven for keeping me sane and focused. She keeps me on the right train of thought. I am generally a positive person and can sort through my thoughts on my own, but to have her makes my life a lot easier. She gets me and doesn’t force it on me to push harder. Sometimes, I do not want to dig deeper but I have to. She always says to go past that urge to stop digging. She knows there is more and when I breathe I know there is more. In the next 40 or so days I am going to dig deeper than I possibly can because I want to achieve extraordinary things. With Raeven’s help I know that is truly possible. She is my accountability partner.

Savannah and Tasha talking Miami Heat Game

Highlight of the Month: OMG this moment was BANANAS. It might go down as part of the top ten highlights of the year actually for me. Before vacation, I kept telling my friend I wanted to go to Savannah James’s The Juice Spot while we were in Miami so I could connect with her. It gets to Tuesday and we still hadn’t made it there so it can happen. We go to the Miami Heat game that night. I spot her from my seat. I say a silent prayer that I get to connect with her. Literally that’s all I wanted out of the trip–to connect with her and to relax.

When the game ends, she is still sitting there and people are handing her cards and taking photos with her. I make a b-line right towards her after speaking with Mrs. Adrienne Bosh. I waited until she was done talking to people to ask if I could speak to her for a moment. She said sure. I told her congrats on The Juice Spot and it’s launch. Then I shared my story and offered eBooks for her girl’s charity. Don’t laugh, but I was not even thinking about my business cards at the time. Mostly everyone around was just handing them to her without asking or saying anything. Then she said that she would love my business card so we could link up. I died in that moment. She is my friend in my head. God made the connection for me without worry or rush.

Wrist Soiree Necklace

Tasha: Wrist Soiree Necklace, Sheinside Dress and Target x Prabal Gurung Heels

Pits of the Month: Shared my humbling experience here for you to read. Outside of that, my month was pretty good. I learned a lot while on my Miami trip. What you think is great really isn’t. You have to learn to accept people for their flaws and short comings. You don’t need to dwell on them but recognize them. It was sad that the money I was saving up went to getting my car fixed but I am ultimately thankful I can afford to get my card fixed! That’s what truly matters.

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Ride: Every month I harp at how running a business is not like the movies or TV shows because…its not. I’d just rather not dwell on the negative. This month, when you reflect with me, I want you to know that what you see on social media is not real life. Some people really just do not get that. People will post all these great things that are supposedly happening, but they are still having the hard times too. Sometimes, people would rather you believe everything is all gravy than let you know that they are suffering. I would rather let you know stuff just isn’t going right at this moment but I am still smiling.

There are some people who have a Ph.D in the smoke and mirror game. They make stuff look really great when it’s not. I believe that people would get more sympathy or people wanting to genuinely get to know them if they were more honest. Instead, people feel the need to impress millions. If you cant understand me at my lowest point emotionally, you wont be able to understand how I reached the top.

I personally know several  bloggers and companies that are not what they say they are. That’s cool for them, but I will not live a lie for followers. You shouldn’t either. Be yourself whether you get 5 likes or 50K. You have to be able to sleep at night. I would rather have a beautiful slumber than toss and turn wondering if someone has figured out I am a fraud.

As November closes out, I truly feel that 2013 was an amazing year. Great things have happened to put a lot into perspective. The year is not over and I know the best is yet to come. Goodbye November, hello December. I have been waiting on you. I might even go on another trip.


Photography by Brittanie Reid 

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