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4 Ways To Build A Professional Entrepreneurial or Freelancer Wardrobe

In the last couple months, I have consulted more and more local business owners. Especially male business owners, one thing I noted is how they carried themselves based on what they wore. Women also had lots of self confidence or little based on their appearance. One thing I know when it comes to selling is your confidence matters and you receive confindced based on how you look.

Today, I want to share how to build a professional business wardrobe when you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer. Don’t let Silicon Valley or tech hubs fool you, you still need to look presentable not just t-shirt, jeans and slide. I know when starting out money is very tight. However, with a budget of $100 to $500 you can look like a million bucks.

Determine Your Style

Who are you as a person says a lot about how you dress. Everyone is not a three piece suit guy or an a line skirt with Jimmy Choo type of girl. There are days I am in flats and a flannel. Other days skinny jeans, white button down and nice heels. I know my style and what I look right in. Personally suggest looking at celebrities who’s style you like. That will help you obtain a clear indication of your personal style.

Buy Lasting Pieces Not Trending

Create a list of 10 to 15 pieces you want to purchase from the stores. My closet consist of more classic pieces than trendy pieces that might be gone after a season. This helps you have a classic look no matter what season or year we are in. If you’re a women having a black dress and a dress in your favorite color is pretty simple then buy shoes for the different seasons that match them. I have more shoes than clothes. I can change my shoes and have a different outfit.

Simple way to spend $500 or less and establish a professional wardrobe as a small business owner. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogger #wardrobe #budget

Target Key Stores

This is a huge aspect of building a professional wardrobe on a budget is knowing the right stores. So many times we assume to look like a million bucks you need to spend that money. Women are always on my social media saying how much they love my shoes. If you want to know a secret I have bought Jimmy Choo’s for less than $100 because I shop the right stores. Some of my favorite stores are Nordstrom, Target, Marshals and Neiman’s. Yes, high end stores have an amazing end of year sales. Neiman’s has last, last call on items for end of season.

Tailor Everything

If you’re buying pieces off the rack the best investment you can make to ensure you look polished is having them tailored. Having pieces in your closet that are tailored to exactly how you they are suppose to look on your body type is what sets you apart. I have walked into meetings and seen men in suits or slacks that were too big or too small for them. There have been times I purchased dresses and spent an additional $10 to have it taken in a little. Some stores offer discount pricing for tailoring too.

These are just a couple ways to build a professional wardrobe as an entrepreneur or freelancer on a budget. When you are confident about your looks you are confident in other areas of business.

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