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High Heels & Honest Tea TXSC13 Recap

Okay, I will be honest. I was completely nervous about how my recap post would come out. There were a million preconceived notions on how the conference would be, and how I would feel when I walked away from it on Sunday night. All the worries disappeared once I arrived. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with knowledge and new friendships. To explain the comfortable atmosphere well enough, let me just say that we even had a moment of discussing Justin Timberlake’s style through the years!

Mai, Shopruche, owner, TXSC13When I first walked in, Linda of Little Tin Solider, greeted me and walked me to the Shop Ruche sponsored breakfast. There, we met the owners of Ruche. They were super sweet, funny and loving. Their staff and the other people we met at the breakfast were too. Everyone was so nice! Next I had my session, which I talked about already. Then, Mattie and I started talking to Gina of Blogging While Brown. I meet Gina last year at a Tech one-day conference in Austin. After a very thought provoking conference we separated and attended different break out sessions. Every session I went to was great, both days. There was so much information shared, and I feel that I walked away with way more than I expected.

Emmiliese of Gumroad showing me how to build my consulting site.

Emmiliese of Gumroad showing me how to build my consulting site.

My personal thoughts about attending events are to gain knowledge and network with a broad scale of individuals, and I was able to do that there. Emmiliese of Gumroad emailed me earlier in the week saying she was looking forward to hearing me speak and would love to chat after. So, we linked up and she gave me a complete walk through of Gumroad, along with amazing insight. While we were sitting there, I called Kristen over because I know she does design. We had a mini one on one session where they both helped me with how I would approach the launch of ICB Consults website. I made so many connections, which was exactly what I was looking forward to.

5 minutes before my room became overflowed. 65+ people came to my session. Proud Moment.

5 minutes before my room became overflowed. 65+ people came to my session. Proud Moment.

I spoke to many of my fellow small business owners, asked them questions, and for advice. Because I am launching new projects later this year, this was a perfect place to meet and connect with others. In addition to people pulling me to the side to make connections for their own businesses. Hey, who doesn’t love impromptu group coaching sessions? The final session of the day had all the speakers on one panel with Q&A from the audience.

TXSC13, conference, panel, recap

All the speakers and brands on stage for final panel Q & A.

One of the biggest questions of the conference was, “how much do we, as brands, bloggers and speakers, make money? What are our numbers, and how do partnerships form with big brands?” A high percentage of the audience felt we were being secretive about our money. First, you can request a sponsor package or talk to a brand manager about anyone on the panel. Everyone’s numbers are different and everyone has a different viewpoint on their worth. ICB has formed brand relationships from being true, genuine and only working with brands I personally want to work with. My partnerships are a part of me. It’s not about the dollar amount if it doesn’t make sense to my lifestyle or my audience’s. Finally, on the money subject, it’s simply rude to ask someone how much he or she makes–point blank and period. That’s like me coming to ask you how much you make a week, how much were those shoes and what’s your mortgage. It’s none of my business. Know your worth when it comes to your business and blog. Charge what you are worth, and don’t get mad when you undervalue yourself.

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Shoes on the first day of the conference.

I really enjoyed Texas Style Council Conference. I met so many women of diverse backgrounds and gained so much knowledge. I cultivated relationships, and I will continue to communicate and talk to the women I met at this conference. TXSC conference is a smaller scale conference compared to Lucky FABB or IFB, but they are great and growing–I can truly see that. When Indiana and her team make a call for feedback, give it to them, and share whom you want as speakers and workshop leaders. Every experience is what you make of it.

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