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Power In Finishing

How many projects did you start this year? How many did you complete? How many new business ventures did you think of? How many did you actually execute?

Like most Americans, we start projects but don’t finish them. I even do this, but I’ve made an effort to try and stop doing it. I sit and actually think through what I want to accomplish–what is the end game… If I can’t see where I want to go, there is no need in starting a project. 

Yes, the road can change along the way, and what you thought the end game was changes. Look at Shop ICB. It has transformed my life, and now I am focused on Imperfect Concepts 2.0. My journey started one way and now I am on a different one.

There are plenty of projects I thought were amazing, but the timing just wasn’t right. However, I know when to stop putting effort into a project with no returns of the investment. For others, they don’t even go a month working on a project before they throw in the towel.

New business ventures should last at least a year to see if there is something there. You cannot gauge your success in 60 days. This is not boot-camp, it’s a business. If you can not see yourself doing it in 10 years, you shouldn’t even start initially. Quick money is something so many people are caught up in. I prefer longevity. I think in terms of at least 36 months of a project. How can you know how it feels to achieve something if you never finished something?

Start small. Commit to finishing small projects. Then, work your way up to bigger projects. New Years is right around the corner. Too many people will make goals and not commit to them. It actually takes 66 days to form a habit not the stated 21 days most people quote. You have to make whatever you are doing a lifestyle not just something you do to be cool.

There is power in finishing. Commit to your success.

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