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Last year, Imperfect Concepts became the fashionista safe haven for finding camo. This made me the leader of the #teamcamo movement. (This was all by chance). Guys have been rocking camo pants or shorts for years. Google Jay-z, and you will see HUNDRED of pictures with him wearing them! Recently, camo hit mainstream fashion when several top designers started incorporating it into their fall shows.

Army Surplus Killen Texas

I live in a military town where I have an endless supply of pre loved BDU’s to purchase. Yes, BDU is the correct term for the items I am selling.  In the process of purchasing them, I have become the top buyer at these locally owned stores. What makes it even greater is that I connect with the store owners and their staff. We have lengthy conversations every visit, and it’s a pleasure doing business with them every time.

Camo Pants and Jackets Imperfect Concepts

At first they were like, “who is the young chick buying up all my pre loved BDU’s?” One by one, they started asking me this and I told them about my business.  They understood that there is no issue with me reselling merchandise someone sold to them.
Tasha Army Surplus
Jacket: Gap Hoodie: BP Nordstrom Shirt: American Apparel Leggings: Madewell Faux Leather {extremely old} Shoes: Nike Dunks

Yes, I am sitting Indian style on the floor going through Camo jackets. That is what normally happens when I am looking for items for Imperfect Concepts.

The ability to supply my customers with their camo needs has become easy for me. Plus, in the process of making fashionistas happy, I’m supporting local business owners in my community. It’s a win, win situation if I say so myself.


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