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How To Find The Right Business Coach For Your Small Business

Crazy to think December 24th, 2008 I quit my job with no plans for the future. At the tender age of 23, I knew I couldn’t work for someone else I need to walk on my path. This lead me to launching an online boutique, writing the blog post (here is my first blog post), to writing ebooks, consulting and now launching an online directory for women business owners, called Business Bestie.

Seven long years ago there was no such thing as a “business coach, experts, guru’s or consultants” as they are now. There are people all over the world teaching women how to go after the dreams and turn it into a reality. However, to be completely honest, there are some people out there just scamming and not caring, to be frank. Today, I want to break down how to find the right business coach, community and more when launching a business.

Business Coach/Strategiest/ Consultant / Architect

Sorry, not sorry please don’t fall for the fancy terms people use for what they do. That’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to people misusing titles for the sake of it. To be honest, I do not like using titles “I am just a business consultant.” If you’re asking me about Business Bestie, “I am the founder of a tech company.” So, that’s the first thing do not get caught up the titles that people use. Here are a couple of things you will be looking for instead.

Experience In Your Industry or Niche

Do not hire someone who has not walked in the shoes you’re about to step in. It’s easy to google and give you general advice. However, someone has never dealt with an online eCommerce with international customers they are no help to you. It is okay to ask them for their resume and references. One of my best assets as a business consultant is I have been where my clients are going.

Always Get References and Resume

It’s easy to sell with pretty flatlay’s, flowers and 20K social media followers. However, dig deeper into who that person is and their qualifications. Recently, someone approached me about consulting me on my Pinterest growth plan. This person had fewer followers than me, no references and took a course from someone else. That’s not your ideal coach. I know several business coaches/consultants who are broke, business doing bad and they bought their followers. This is why it’s always important to do research. I will provide my client contact so you can ask “how is it working with Tasha?” so you feel comfortable.

9 tips from a successful business coach sharing how to hire the right business coach for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Skin In The Game

How long have they been doing this? Once again, sorry not sorry too many people are taking courses to be all those fancy titles with no experience. What makes me valuable to my clients is I have had an online boutique for several years, transition industries smoothly and a lot of other things. Heck, getting my finances in order helped me guide my clients on the right path too.

Personality Matches

A couple of months ago, I was looking to hire a coach to help me get to the next level. I wanted to make sure the person could do their job and not give me tips I already knew. After being on the phone with several, I realized they were timid and reserved. During the calls, I felt like I was consulting them and pulling teeth. In addition to that, they were more of cheerleaders and staying within limits. For you to grow in life especially business, you need someone who pushes you and helps you remove benefits.

They’re In Your Budget

Do not go into debt for consulting. I cringe when I am in Facebook groups and “coaches” tell people oh just put it on your credit card. Or people discuss how they put it on a credit card and learned nothing. Now they have mounds of debt for launching and running a business. Find a coach or consultant in your budget. I have told clients “hey let’s pause coaching because this is not in your budget.” I would never want to put someone to be in a financial bind just to work with me. When I was looking for a coach a majority of them were out of my price range. Each one told me they were worth the investment. Once they put their need to make money over my need to live and provide, I knew they were not for me.

Location Doesn’t Matter

I have only one client in my small town but tend to do more workshops locally than working one on one. The rest of my clients are from around the world. Currently, I have a client in Japan and several majority cities across the US. Do not limit your search to your town. Find someone who you vibe with be it on the phone or skype. If you do find one in a 30-minute time radius of you, that’s amazing. 

Accessibility Level

My clients know I am available Monday-Friday 9 am to 6 p.m.. I am off on weekends, but I am there is they needed me. I know several coaches who only limit their interaction to your monthly call. Honestly, I do not think I could operate my business like that. I know that a question or confusion can happen at any time. Make sure you determine the level of access your coach provides.

The money you invest in consulting with someone should always leave you better at the end. Your coach should push you to another level where you keep growing, and you’re not at the same place you were when you started.

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