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Five Elements That Might Be Missing From Your Website

Launching a business can be incredibly tedious, and you’re nervous about missing an element of your website. Trust me; I have been there, and that’s why it’s important to do a website audit every 90-days. Time and time again, I have seen new business owners glance over these little things, but in customers eyes they build trust. Remember, customers buy from people they trust and want to support. 

Headshot or Fullbody Image of Owner

Personally, I like knowing who I am supporting when I am browsing their website. As new customers, people tend to spend more time on a website searching. They are going page to page to find out information before deciding to make that leap of trust. If you, cannot afford a professional headshot or full body photo of yourself, you can simply take a picture in front of a white wall in your home with your phone. Allow your new customers or clients to see who you are.

Government Name

Thank you for plastering your company name all over your website, but failing to place your government name somewhere. This goes along with the photo of yourself. You’re building rapport with your audience. If someone is reaching out to me, I rather they put Hello Tasha versus To Whom It May Concern or Hello Imperfect Concepts.

Where Are Thou

Neither you or I live in space far, far way from humanity. We live in a city, state or country that our customers, clients, and readers would like to know. Say you’re based in the Chicago area and I do too. This gives us a mutual form of trust and allows me a connection to reach out. Maybe I want to host a trunk show at my home or support you at a local farmers market.  It is important to share where you are located on your website too, for opportunities that might arise from you being a local business owner. Adding your geographical location helps you increase your search engine optimization.

Most people are missing one of these five items from their website.

Contact Form + Email Address

I have lost count in the number of times, I have gone to contact a business owner, but there was no way of getting a hold of them. No, your customers dont want to tweet you a question. They want to only inquire by submitting a contact form that goes to a real email address. In addition to that, some people dread submitting information via contact forms. This is why you should also list your email address on your website.

Company Policies

So, I am that girl who reads the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Return policy. Too many small business owners have none of those three things. Companies such as Shopify have university section helping you craft these things. There are too much identity scams going on. You not having the legal aspect of TOS or PP can scare customers away.

You can spend less than an hour updating all this information. Take the time to do an audit of your business website to make sure you’re on the up and up.

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