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Fabulous Fonts That Thrill

Along with the important information about author bios that I wrote about in my last post, Karyna Mcglynn also talked about the importance of fonts. Tasha does this to in her post Pretty Little Fonts. I guess this is a part of SEO that people don’t really talk about. Or perhaps, since it is so image driven it belongs in Web Design and not in SEO. However, since SEO is so heavily dictated on people reacting to your blog, website, or social media outlet, font would really be crucial in making that first impression.

A valuable resource if you have found a font on another blog or website that you want to use but don’t know the name of is Myfont.com. This site helps you by asking specific questions in order to find out what the font’s name is and where to find it. I love using it!

Use a Classic Font

Don’t try some funky font just because you like the look of it. If you want your readers to respond well to your content, don’t distract them by something like comic sans. Also, don’t just scroll through the list of fonts on word and pick the best one to you. There is a long tradition of typography, and it’s best to pick a family of fonts that people are proven to respond to. Try these two:


Photo Credit: Webink.com


Photo Credit: Webdesignviews.com

Make it Readable

This is predominately a size issue. Make sure your text is easily read from near and far, and any type of computer or mobile device. Also, make sure there aren’t any irregularities to the font like crammed line height or awkward features.

Don’t just stick with one font

Fonts pair nicely with each other and often you can make an important header pop while keeping the rest of fonts neutral. Hardly any one website will use just one font. Try out about three on your site and see how it looks.


Don’t forget that there are many different facets to a font that are not revolving around the type of font you choose. These are some of the many options, size, italics, bold, color, caps lock, and underlined. You can change up the fonts that way to add variety. Just make sure to keep it simple. A wacky font can really put a reader off.

Here is my idea: let’s make selecting fonts a part of SEO. It’s important to make sure that the reader gets to the site, but how about keeping them on the site with brilliant content and attractive fonts? I think it’s a motion you all would agree with.

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