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How To Launch A Business In Less Than 90 Days

I  am pretty creative by nature. I am also a go getter. Do it yourself’er. Most importantly when I get my head wrapped around something im going to make it happen. Today, I want to talk you about how I have launched several  businesses in 90 days or less.

First, I want to provide you with a quick overview of the steps that I take when launching a business.

1. Concept of ideas
2. Buy domain (1am in the morning)
3. Talk it out in my head + to God
4. Create spreadsheet to keep me accountable

The spread sheet had everything, I mean everything on it that I needed to do. From legal to marketing plan.

5. Discuss idea with my business idea with friends
6. Discuss with Brandi – Lawyer
7. Research business structure
8. File DBA with my city
9. Acquire emails & social media accounts

Please note I went through hours of time talking to developers & designers for the right plugins to use for this style site I wanted. Lots of learning going on. Thankful for the WPMU Dev team for answering all my questions. Truth be told I wanted to launch the platform on Big commerce, however, I would need to outsource a lot of elements. Which did not make senses to be adding third parties to develop a site.

Wanting to launch now verse later? Breaking down everything you need to do to get your business off the ground.

These first six things were done in a 4 day time span. In addition, Brandi was filing trademarks for other parts of my business. So, it was easy to add another trademark to the list and get the ball rolling, long before the company was announced to the general public. Whats funny is, I immediately went to acquire social media names. Honestly, if you can’t get the social media names its kinda pointless to go with the business name from my point of view. Its too confusing to customers and consumers. I have seen businesses with social media names that are not related to their company name. The market is already over saturated and you do not want to confuse your audience more.

10. Work on Content
11. Design Website Mockup
12. Work with copyeditor

Two week span of work. A majority of time was spent writing content for the site. I would have aha moments in the shower, on client calls, playing my niece & more. The design aspect was already in my head. Getting the content out correctly and making sure I am protected legally was extremely important. Even gathering inspiration from Birchbox feature in Fast Company issue a couple months back.

I did the design mockups in Picmonkey. It took me maybe 6 hours to design all the sites pages. Like I said I knew visually what I wanted to create. I am firm believer it makes it easier on developers if you can give the visual of what you want to achieve. Also, cuts the price down in my opinon because you know what you want. I’m frugal.

14. Find website developer

This was crucial to me. I am a visual person and I tend to know what I want. I wanted someone who got my vision. My usual web developer Davon, was busy. So, I had to go recurit all star squad talent! Mainly, I look for people who see my vision and are easy to work with. Price didn’t factor into it.

15. Marketing of the company

I knew I wanted to do organic launch of my company just like I have done in the past. Being very stragetic in sharing information with my audience and building the anticipation for another launch. This is something I talk about in Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep. Providing a special code for launch is a great way to bring people in and land sales on first day. Next after that, I would reach out to key influencers in my community this is something I talked about in Launch Week ebook.

I am a firm believer that word of mouth is the best way to grow businesses. People want to be apart of what is cool and hot before others. In addition, to beginning in the know and where their friends are. Later this year, I will work on more paid marketing and advertising. However, at this time I love this option.

The total cost of launching new business including:

  • Legal (DBA, ToS, Privacy Policy + Trademark) $500
  • Website Development (Domain, Template + Custom Design) $850
  • Logo $50
  • Copyeditor (Grammarly – use for other business aspects) $179
  • Style Stock Photography – $20
  • Fonts – $30
  • Email Marketing Campaign $20

As you can see the most expensive parts were legal and web development. Normally those are the two costly things when a company launches.

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