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The Constant Struggle Of Striving For Consistency Not Perfection

Have there been days when you feel as if you’re paralyzed by the constant struggle of string for consistency vs perfection. To be very honest, I have never been the one who constantly strived to perfect maybe already know that no one is perfect and it is away to cripple me as a business owner. However, I am having the constant struggle of striving for consistency in all areas of my business. My opinion is consistency is how you truly win because no matter if you stumble out the gate you keep going. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Both Can Be Dangerous

I am not putting one of them over the other, but they both can be very dangerous when it comes to really growing as a business owner. There are days that I push myself real hard to be consistent in all areas of my business. Feeling that consistency is the key to winning because one day I will have that area running like a well oiled machine that runs smoothly. Understand that when you let something consume you it can turn into a negative that in turns is cripple you. I have known so many people who refuses to put out products or services because it isn’t perfect. Which then hinders their business because they are not putting out the visuals they need to attract their target audience.

Finding A Happy Medium

One of the best things I could do for my business was create realistic goals for my business. Once I realized I was setting the bar too high and causing the failure to happen is when things changed. Yes, the bar can be set too high when it comes to achieving goals. We believe for things to go our way it has to be this complex algothrim of sorts that causes us to fail out the gate. Understanding you can be consistent but do not need to put added stress in your life. For example, with my Youtube videos all my content is record in a day. Meaning that I record three or sometimes four videos in one day. This allows me to have content to put out over a month verses stressing every week to record content for that week. There are so many people who will not put out the 30 videos they have shot because something doesn’t look right.

Its important that you learn to find a happy medium between being consistent vs being perfect in business.

3 Reasons the constant struggle of consistency vs perfection is killing your business. | Imperfect Concepts #business #blogging

Root Of Perfection Issue

Why are you constantly striving for perfection? This is a serious question. We all know nothing will be perfect or will everything be so aligned to launch. So many times, I hear people say they have not launched their business or a product because its not the right time. There is no perfect time to launch a business, product or service. When I launched my first company an online boutique I launched in the time the world deemed a recession of my time. All time job layoffs, businesses closing, homes going into foreclosure and much more. One the best things I have ever learned is to find the root of every issue.

Regardless if you’re constantly striving for consistency that is causing stress in your life or having the constant struggle of seeking out perfection that is hindering you from launching or putting yourself out there its important to know what is going on. Don’t let consistency or perfection ruin you as a business owner.

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