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Why Your Customers Are Stalking You Before They Shop With You

A plethora of people will dismiss old school thoughts when it comes to the new way of customers shopping. Which, I understand both sides of the coins. However, people only shop for a couple reasons which are;

  • Informative
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Dream Purchase
  • Influencer

Yes, those are four things are reasons why people are shopping your store or utilizing your services, I believe all of them matter but know your customers are stalking you before they shop with you.

In the last three years, of creating digital products under ICB Consults platform I have noticed my customers want to be informed and build trust with me before shopping with me. I know this first hand by based on several as clients sharing this with me. Some shared how they watched me for months and others almost a year to make sure I was the right person. They took the thought process of I will read her blog or social media content to determine if I am legit. Then they would make the investment of purchasing a digital product or two from me. Then next step was working with me one on one.

Which I am very thankful that I have an audience that understands the importance of being well informed before investing in their business. This goes the same for product based companies. Most consumers are not just jumping head first into giving you their hard earned money. Especially, with more and more customers reporting how they were scammed by other small business owners.


Take the time to really share who you are on social media, blog and newsletter. It goes back to Zig Ziglar talking about the seven touches in business to land a sale. On average it takes someone several personal touches or interactions before they make the plunge to shopping with you. Allow your customers and audience to connect with you. People buy from those who they trust, I talked about this in People Buy From People They Trust. Provide content that informs your audience and builds the trust.

On average it takes your future customers seven touches to purchase. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #businessadvice

Word Of Mouth

This has been the number one thing that brings customers in the door for me. Others who have shopped with me or consulted with saying how they value the information that I provide. Word of mouth is a free tool that most people do not tap into. Connecting with your customers and following up with them is great way to establish a better relationship. Your audience will feel less like as a single transaction in your eyes to a customer they really care about. You do not receive what you do not ask for. Ask your audience to share your business with others. Give them rewards and more for doing so.

Dream Purchase

Everyone has a list of dream purchase that they have been wanting to buy forever. Some have been other list for years and others they are new things. Dream purchases can be as little as $30 don’t think its just big ticket items. I keep a running list of things I want to purchase. Such things as Honey Rose Face Polish, Ely Bag, and more expensive things such as a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Prada bag. Don’t underestimate your item being a dream purchase of someone. Everyone’s budget is different and when it is time they will purchase.


This is the blogger or personal figure that someone trust their opinion and purchases. So many people have sway power with your target audience and not always the top earner blogger. As much as I love certain bloggers they don’t make me  buying stuff. My dear friends Katrice, Kristen, Erica and Brandi have more influence over my life and my purchases. They are similar to me and my thought process. This goes back to knowing your target demographic and marketing to that verses the masses.

Your dream customers are currently stalking your social media, blog, newsletter and more to get a better understanding if they want to support your business fiscally. Its important to stay ready verse waiting to get ready when they flood your doors. Always make sure you’re consistent no matter if its online or in person. Give them the reason to invest in your business.

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