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Test Out New Ideas With Your Audience

One of the greatest advantages you have and I have as relevantly unknown companies is being able to test out new ideas with our audiences and finding out what sticks. So many times, I hear people say “I wish I was making more money” or “If only I had a bigger audience.” Then will mention how things are just not going right with their business and they need to figure everything out. This is the prime reason you need to be the totorise not the hare when it comes to your business.

I am so happy for all the times I have failed and it hasn’t made a blimp on anyones radar but mine. I am able to fail and constantly test out new ideas with my audience to see what actual works. All my companies have gone several test and still are in this very moment. Here are some tips you can use for testing out your concepts and ideas with your audience.

Be Honest – share what you are doing

Transparency is a must with your audience at all times. Too many times people lie to cover something up and just hurts them later down the line. I prefer sharing with my audience what I am working on and trying to do. Getting their insight, feedback and more. They can easily opt out of following you on social media or whatever. Let them know you’re trying to figure out what is the best medium to achieve your goals. That route is taking you on various test at this moment.

Create A Game Plan

When testing out your new ideas you need to know how you will test and who you will test them on. Will this be a mass testing where everyone sees the new fonts, website, layout and graphics? Will it be A/B testing where only certain groups see things at different times. Or will you gradually do things with your business measuring the results. Personally, I believe you can give your audience sticker shock if you do it all at once verses gradually. They are all overwhelmed and don’t now how to receive what you’re doing. Create a timeline to roll out new designs, layouts and more.

A/B Testing is essential if you want to know what is working with your small business. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #

Get Creative

Now that you have shared your plans and established a game plan for the testing of ideas with your audience get creative in all avenues. One of the best and more affordable way to change something in your business is going with font and color. Pink is not just pink when you open the Patone book. Studying the meanings of colors can do so many things for your business. Even the simple invest of picking fonts for your business. Purchasing $40 worth of font is not only a tax write off but you can test which one resonstates with your audience better.

Collect The Data + Measure It

One of the best things about the digital age almost everything can be measure by the data collected. If your source of testing is happening on your website make sure you have google analytics installed. You can test so many of the metrics to see what is working and isn’t working. Noticing a high bounce rate at the checkout page. Maybe its time to install an abandon cart plugin or even remove the cost of shipping. You can test those out with your audience. After you have collected the data and measured it you have your results helping you run a better business.

Going blind in business is one of the worst things you can do by just believing you need to just win out the gate. Being able to test, test and test some more is what is going to keep you with a solid foundation in the later years.

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