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Finding Your Unique Voice In A Crowded Market

People state they love how transparent, honest and real I am and its not just online that I am the same in person. I am always baffled at what to say back to people because I am just being myself. Then I realize some many people don’t know who they are, they are playing a role that they feel society has for them. Even when it comes to their business. Which has me sad. Today, I want to teach you about finding your unique voice in a crowded market. 

Who Are You

Are you all the time or are you different person depending on the time of day, if you are online or offline? You should be you 24/7/365 no matter where you are. I am embodied being nerdy, quirky, goofy, tough and blunt. I am the girl next door that you can have coffee with, go shopping with, watch a Texans or Mavs game even go bar hoping on 6th street. These all tie into who my brand and company is not veering off that path. I am a kind heart person who wants everyone to win and I love giving gifts.

Who Is Your Business

Imperfect Concepts is a company focused on serving. That is its purpose to serve others to live better lives. It is light, airy, girly and everything of my dreams. A company focused on education. A long time Oprah was doing an interview with Maya Angelou I believe and they were discussing how everyone is a teacher and is here to serve. I thought wow I can’t wait until I can do that. Thats my business. Your company should invoke emotion in people. Not oh she runs another jewelry or clothing company. When I think about Kendra Scott I think of an entrepreneur who decided that she was going to get her jewelry in stores. She went door to door like this is going to work and yes I am pregnant. Its more than a jewelry line, its I can do all things if I have the dedication and focus to achieve it.

Why these three tips will help you have a unique voice will help you stand out in a crowded market.  | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #marketing

What Is Your Company’s Vision + Mission

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a private workshop on unique position in the marketplace. I went into this workshop open, excited and ready to learn. They ladies did not disappoint by the information they shared. One thing I really got to work on was my company’s vision and mission. These are what drive my actions to building my company. Most companies get lost in the muck and forget to go back to their original purposes.

Vision: Helping A Million Women Through Entrepreneurship.

Mission: To improve upon the lives of women entrepreneurs by providing them the right tools, resources & insight throughout all stages of their ventures.

All these things help me have a unique vantage point in my crowded market of experts, consultants, business bloggers and more. I treat everything I do as an act of service to make peoples lives better. My company success or revenue stream is a by product of doing this. I didnt start blogging to be popular. I started blogging to help others. I wanted to share what it was like to run a business as I was running my own online boutique. It has since spun out into consulting, digital products and more that come from its sister company ICB Consults.

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