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7 Ways To Tackle Your Inbox This Weekend

I love utilizing the weekend to do task that will help make my business run smoother. Learn how to tackle your inbox this very weekend. I have discussed some of these things before, but this is something people constantly struggle with. Here’s how 2 hours this weekend can revitalize your inbox and change how you feel when that notification goes off from a new incoming email.

Purge Your Emails

How many spam, old, not business related, and other not critical emails are clogging up your inbox? On any given day, there are hundreds of irrelevant emails that are sent to me about writing a sponsor post, testing out a product, or my favorite…let me help you increase your SEO presence. Those emails are deleted on arrival and senders are marked as spam. To be completely honest, any brand who reaches out but doesn’t address me by name or says “hello Imperfect Concepts” gets purged. They really don’t love my brand or what I am doing. They are sending a copy and paste email about how they want me to push their product. Clear out all unnecessary emails.

Sort Emails

All my clients have their own folder within my two company emails. In addition to, other people I talk to regularly. There are a couple of major clients I work with on a monthly basis that I make a point to put all of their emails into one folder. No matter who is emailing from my company.

VIP Email Senders

This is really crucial to my inbox tackling system, because I can go to bed with zero unread inbox emails but wake up to hundreds. VIP senders are denoted with stars in my system. This allows me to respond to their emails first before I get caught up with the other ones. As I’m building my brand, it’s important that I respond to my graphic designer and lawyer’s emails super fast. Who are your top email senders? Make them VIP’s in your system.

Create An Auto Responder

Have you ever sent someone an email and received a scripted email right back? Well, that’s because they created an auto responder. Auto responders can let people know you’re out of town, as well as, any other important information you’d like to share. Maybe you’re a super busy service based company. You can use the auto responder to answer a couple of questions, to highlight your past blog post, or to direct them to your services. Let your auto responder do the heavy lifting for you.

Tackle your inbox this weekend to help increase your companies productivity. | Imperfect Concepts #Email #Inbox #SmallBusiness

Email Signature

This is something I recently updated for my business, and I’m so grateful for all of the compliments I have been receiving. Your email signature is also putting work in for you. Make the littlest detail cohesive to your brand. Your email signature needs to include:

  • Salutation
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Social Media Icons – links to your actual pages

Unroll Me

For a long time, I was receiving a plethora of newsletters that I didn’t sign up for and some that I did but was no longer interested in receiving. However, they seemed to be cluttering my inbox. No, they were dominating my inbox. Like most people, I would just hit trash when they arrived. This never solves the problem. Use the email tool unroll me to get off all of those list.

Canned Emails

On Wednesday, I discussed how to create canned emails using your frequently asked questions section of your website. I stand by using canned emails to increase my productivity in business. Create 10 to 12 canned email responses that help answer your customer’s questions through email quickly. We even have some for questions like needing help with SEO, money management, and more. In the canned emails, we link back to blog post written here. It’s easy to over look post written several months or years ago.

How can you tackle your inbox this weekend, to help increase your company’s productivity and other business related things this weekend?

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