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Day Planning and Organizing For Small Business

New and existing small business owners can feel anxiety, stress, and other afflictions on a daily basis. Not realizing that they created most of what ails them. I was creating all the anxiety in my business, no one else was adding stuff to my plate other than me. After listening to an old podcast from a year or so ago with Marc Ecko, did my eyes really open up to day planning, organizing, and small business finance. 

Clear Your Plate

Clear everything on your plate, right now. There is too much on it that doesn’t need to be. You have said yes out of obligation, versus saying no. No, is a full sentence all by itself. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to. I don’t say yes to every interview. Will it bring attention to my company, yes. Will it add more time to my plate because someone increases the allotted time they stated. I have done interviews that were suppose to be 20 minutes, that turned into an hour. Clear your plate. Don’t feel obligated to anyone other than yourself and your business.

Prioritize What Matters

What do you want to achieve within your business? You should be working towards that goal everyday. I work 9 to 5 on Monday through Friday. Yes, there are days I work longer or I may work on weekends, but I prioritize what matters most in achieving my dreams. Right now, I am in the middle of building two new companies. That means legal, financial, content, and all of the other necessities to the businesses need to be handled. My businesses matter to me. Yes, I have fun. Only after I get things done, do I go to the pool and throw the football around.

4 Ways to truly organize your life through day planning that helps your small business succeed.

Day Planning

I have no more than 7 things on my To-Do list during Monday through Friday. That’s it, nothing else is added to my plate. We, especially as women, tend to make ourselves feel bad when we don’t accomplish something. I no longer do that to myself. On Sunday or Saturday, I write all the things I want to achieve for the following week. I literally write them down. Then I break them down in number order of, which is more important and the ones I need to do first in order to achieve others. Monday’s tend to be the day I manage my finances for my business and personal life. Even Jack, founder of Square and Twitter, states that he manages his days. Tuesday’s are the days that I consult with my clients and work on their projects. Even if, I only have one consultation that day, that’s what I’ll be working on. Websites, content creation, social media, and whatever else needs to be addressed.

Organizing Everything

Everyone is different when it comes to how they organize. I use my Tackle To Do List, I created from ICB Consults. They work for me. In addition to, that all information written on there is transcribed to my notes section on my apple devices, and finally into my physical planner. So, if I am without one of them I have something that can guide me. Luckily, I have apple products because my notes are on my iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air. Find a way to plan exactly what you are trying to do. What’s also great, is that most information is placed in my Google Calendar, too. My calendar alerts me of task the day before and thirty minutes prior. It’s very helpful to me. I know some people who use color coordination.

Most people don’t achieve tasks, because they overload their plates. Its time to simplify, if you really want to achieve success in your business and personal life. At the end of the week when it’s time to share your wins, you will feel more proud of yourself.

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