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Small Business Guide To Monthly Focus

I am nothing without my planner, Google alerts, day designator, and planned out monthly focuses. As I continue to grow my business, I need to do more for my business. Outside of having a team to help me designate task, I have been sticking to a monthly focus guide. In the midst of running ICB Consults, I started sharing task with my fellow entrepreneurs on social media, specifically Instagram, about what they could do to stay focused.

Last year and a little bit of this year, on the first of the month, once every month, I have shared a task with my fellow small business owners for them to accomplish. Every month brings new obstacles to running a business, however, there are things we must do monthly in order to keep our business running. Next month I am releasing “Monthly Focus: A Small Business Owner’s Guide”. The digital file includes these specific topics of focus:

Helping small business owners tackle: SEO, Products, Blogging, Finances and more.

  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • General Business
  • 12 Calendar Month Specifics
  • Finance
  • Blogging
  • Marketing + Promotion
  • SEO

The monthly focus check off list is designed to help you stay on track with everything you could possible need to be do, at a designated time each month.

Helping small business owners tackle: SEO, Products, Blogging, Finances and more.

Too many times, we as business owners, forget to do xyz. Most small business owners become list people, if not before launching their business than after. Checking off each thing as they finish it. I write list daily in my To Do List app, on post-it’s for my calendar, as well as, I type them in my notes section of my iPhone. Then I thought to myself, what task at hand do I need to do. How can I remain focused enough to complete task that help my business function? We forget the mundane, simple task but somehow remember the complex ones.

Breaking down EXACTLY what you need to focus on when it comes to your business monthly. | Imperfect Concepts

Each section gives you specific task to complete for that month. You then select when you plan to do it; at the start, middle, or end of the month. What’s most important is being consistent; doing all of the task every time. Most people don’t like doing the mundane task that are involved in running their businesses, but that’s where the bread and butter really comes from; the simplicity in making sure it works properly.

You can preorder, Monthly Focus Small Business Owner Guide, now on ICB Consults’ Gumroad page. Its release date is set for June 1st at 8am CST.

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