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How To Use Google To Leverage Your Small Business

Most people think of Google as a multi-billion dollar company, especially small business owners. Or they think, “how can I get my website ranked higher on Google”. Well, actually there are a couple of programs and tools out there that can help your small business. 

Accelerate With Google

Is a twelve week program, that helps new and existing business owners get acquainted with their online space, by generating leads and much more. The program is managed through Hubspot. I actually did the program last year and I learned a couple of things that I was able to share with several of my clients. The program can help those who truly want to create a stream of sales with leads for their business through online advertising and more. It’s always best to learn about Google Ads first hand from the people who handle it.

You will meet weekly online for group discussion, and have homework that you need to complete prior to the class. Apply for their latest Accelerate With Google program.

Google Small Business Supplier Diversity Program

Is a program that I learned about earlier this year when I visited the Google office location in Austin. They hosted a private event for local small business owners to learn about their internal search database. Google wants to help more minority business owners grow their businesses. They are able to do this by creating an internal database full of business owners information. Say I work at Google and want to find a local florist to supply items for our next women’s empowerment luncheon, I would go into the database and find one I like. This is solely for Google employees. It is their internal google.

They will be rolling this program out more in Q2 and Q3. It has been in beta testing for sometime. I highly suggest applying for Google Supplier Diversity program.

8 Google programs and services you can utilize to help grow your business and more.

Google For Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a community of like-minded small business owners to bond with, connect, partner with or more? If so, Google For Entrepreneurs is for you. They are huge on establishing communities amongst those who are pursuing their dreams by establishing businesses. They have communities all over the world and it’s nice meeting others who are similar to you, in addition to, going through the things you are as a business owner. Learn more about Google For Entrepreneurs.

Google has so many great programs for small business owners. I use gmail, drive, hangouts, adwords, wallet, and so many other tools they offer. Some other programs you may not have heard of are Think With Google, Google Express, & Google For Non-Profits. A majority of these tools are free for you to use. I highly suggest getting familiar with the programs that they offer. Plus, they have offices all over the world.

Make sure you get your business online with Google by submitting your website. Submit information on Google My Business. Make sure your website is optimized for the web because on April 21st Google’s algorithm will be changing and mobile ready sites will rank higher. Check your’s today with Google Webmaster Tool.

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