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Funding Your Business With Freelance

This month, we are going to continue on with our discussion of the various ways to fund your small business, startup, or venture. We are going to talk about how you can use freelance as a way to add extra cash to your pockets. We briefly touched on freelancing in the “Creative Ways To Fund Your Business” article. If you missed that article or need a refresher of those helpful tips you should go check it out or peruse it again at your leisure.

Here are a couple ways to help you become a freelance expert–(propelling your cash flow)–without taking your focus away from growing your business.

Freelance Online

If you have been reading IC long enough you know that I am a huge fan of hiring individuals from these websites to help with my business. For the last two years I have sourced the graphic design work from Fiverr, in addition to, having business cards and sketches for projects created as well as many other things. Freelancing websites are a great way to get your foot in the door if you are a service based company looking to gain exposure or if you are an individual that is really good at a particular skill needed. When I was in-between copywriters I found a college student on a website who charged a low hourly rate to look over my articles. So, you don’t have to be a graphic designer, developer or anyone with a fancy title to make the extra cash.

Fiverr: Will forever be my best friend and is surely a life saver. There is a vast amount of jobs listed on there from graphic design, illustration, voice overs, proof reading, to transcribing. The jobs go in $5 increments. A friend got advertisement video like the old Apple commercials with Justin Long for $100. Thats a really good deal! Put your skills to the test.

oDesk: This website is perfect if you are looking for a virtual assistant position, one time graphic/web designer work or something else. As a user of the site you take several test to state your level of usage with programs. This helps business owners assess your aptitude to working with their company. You are paid either weekly or per project. The downside to this website is that there are millions of users willing to work for pennies on the dollar. Personally, I sourced my copywriter out of Houston because of her skill level.

Freelance In Your Community

Taskrabbit: Allows individuals to outsource their needs. Need your groceries picked up, wanting a dress from nordstorm before they close, need a website issue fixed? That is what Taskrabbit allows you to do on a local level. Are you willing to run errands for someone? Drop off someones bike at the bike shop? If yes, then this site is for you. You, as a freelancer, will bid on the projects. Don’t go under bidding just to get the extra cash. Put in what your time is worth. You only get paid once the gig is done. I really love this site!!

Driver For Hire: Lyft and Uber are all over the news. Especially when it comes to the companies raising billions in addition to them being banned in several cities across the us. However, today lets focus on you working for the companies. With Lyft you are car pooling with others. Giving them the (lift) Lyft they need to get from point A to point B. This is a great way to make money. Uber is always looking for drivers to work for their company. Highly suggest using it. Even working the late shift and being a designated driver.

Using Your Talents: In college I use to run errands for others as a source of income as mention in Creative Ways To Fund Your Business. If you are really good at a subject you should offer tutoring for individuals in whatever grade or age level your comfortable with. You can join a local company that does tutoring or you can post flyers and posters around town.

Once again freelancing is not suppose to take away from the small business you want to launch. This extra money is meant to help further your business and its goals. By doing some of these creative and fun tips you can gain extra money. After 3 months of working really hard at saving, doing little gigs and freelancing you will have a substantial amount saved. That savings is a great amount to get the ball rolling on your business.

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