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Start Something That Matters

Start Something THAT Matters is so much more than a pair of shoes. It’s an amazingly written book that compels you to act now verses later. I don’t remember who originally told me a “version” of the story of TOMS, but it went something to the point that Blake, the founder, met a boy in Argentina while on vacation– his name was Tom. Yes, he was on vacation in Argentina but the inspiration didn’t come from that. Trust, when you read the book and read the story, it will touch your heart, at least it touched mine.

I personally own too many pairs of the TOMS to count. For Christmas and my birthday, my brother always buys me two pairs from a small boutique in Denton. I have convinced friends to be supporters of TOMS, not just customers–they are advocates of the story and the company.

While reading, Start Something THAT Matters, emotions arose within me just into the first couple pages. I have met Blake several times at appearances in Austin and in Dallas and loved hearing him tell the story. This book reminds me how important it is for small businesses to have a story. Not just have it, but share it-keep sharing it–make it a part of your life, the customer’s life and later, the worlds. This causes a ripple you can’t really create with paid TV ads. As he states in the book, our attention is everywhere, every second of the day. However when a supporter is telling your story to someone else, they are giving your story to another individual that isn’t distracted. They are giving the listener the attention to be captivated by your brand.

In the book, you are guided through a six-step process on creating something that matters. The underlining message is your story, it’s the story invoking the reaction you need to cause a ripple or the tipping point for your business.

There are only a couple of books that I urge people to buy because they’ve moved my soul–Start Something THAT Matters is at the top of that list now. Trust, this book will draw emotions out of you and make you dig deeper so you can “start something that matters.”

Have you read a book that has stirred up your emotions so much that you immediately want to act upon it? Are you familiar with the TOMS story? Have you helped to push the brand?

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