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Loosening the Reigns

Loosening the reigns on your business is extremely difficult. When you’re a company owner, it’s easy to micro-manage everything and think that there is no way that you will find someone who can do your tasks for you. It’s hard enough finding an intern you can trust, not to mention having to collaborate and work with them on projects and building a relationship with them. When it comes time to ask for help, it is challenging to view anyone as someone you can lean on. However, there is a way to let go of your business, and there is a way to get rid of the nerves that come with letting go.

Building An intern/Employee Relationship

Having a good relationship with an intern or an employee is vital for your business. Happy workers work harder. Workers that get an attitude with you about every little thing probably just don’t understand you or your company. They might of signed on for something they thought was easy. They might not have room in their schedule for you, and they’re getting run down. There are many variables on either side that make it easy to get angry. I suggest telling your employees everything. Have an open door policy about issues and reciprocate that. If everything is out on the table, it prevents misunderstandings.

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This site is amazing. Tasha wrote an article about how awesome Fiverr was not too long ago, and I agree. Anything you want done for your business, you can find it on this site. From writing and technical maintenance, to accounting, it’s all at your fingertips. Hire a freelancer today. Find out all of the many benefits on our latest post about how to find a freelancer.

Virtual Assistant

Many small business owners nowadays are hiring virtual assistants. These assistants respond to emails, schedule phone calls, appointments, site maintenance, etc. They are always on call for help, and they organize the entrepreneur’s life. They are a great way to  give up the responsibility of something that isn’t creatively a part of your company. You are depending on him or her strictly for their organizational and leadership skills, not for their hands dabbling in your company’s vision.

Find a virtual assistant at the better business bureau in your area. This is the best way to find accredited virtual assistants.

Things to Remember about managing your freelancers, employees and interns:

  1. Compliment them. When they’ve done something exceptional, tell them.
  2. Have transparency when dealing with complaints, issues or requests. Tell them exactly how you feel and what you want, and require they do the same.
  3. Have monthly, tri-monthly or yearly one-on-one meetings with your employees about how they are doing, and if they could improve in any way. Also, ask them how you can improve.
  4. Get everything organized. The most frustration (from an employee’s standpoint) is lack of organization. Take the time to think about their time. It will benefit both of you in the end.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! I would love to hear your thoughts on employee relationships. Have you ever had a boss that has rubbed you the wrong way? An employee?

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