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April Showers Bring May Flowers…NOT

Miss May, where did you go and what did you do with all 31 days? Also, you owe me some flowers after all those thunderstorms and down pours!

This month flew past me. I was completely focused on the Raleigh trip for the majority of May. I just got back from the trip on Sunday evening, and now I am on the road headed to Dallas to shoot the store’s summer look book. We will be shooting all day tomorrow! Plus, I get to spend time with some friends.

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Thanks Of The Month: All the great books I read this month deserve my gratitude. Honestly, Every Day A Friday, I Declare, My So Called Freelance Life and Write It Down Make It Happen were all life savers. Yes, I read six books this month and most adults only read eight books in a year. I started two in Raleigh and finished them on the plane home: I’m a book-worm-overachiver. I just happen to be one of those people who likes to read, and I set aside a couple of hours each day to read books. Its a commitment I made so I can be better myself as a person and business owner. My goal is to read 52 new books this year. To be honest, I don’t know how many I have read; maybe I should’ve kept a better tracking system. All the books minus I Declare & My So Called Freelance Life have a review on here. I will review Freelance soon.

Highlight of the Month: All the wonderful pieces I scored for the summer look book. Once again, I hoarded several pieces for this look book, but I still wanted several more pieces. The most exciting purchases I found were two sets of overalls (if you are a budding fashionista you know how on trend they are). I also found this amazing piece that reminds me of Jackie O.–Imperfect Concepts is bringing back the 90’s with a vengeance.  So yes, the store is going to be full of great pieces come late June. I don’t know how the editing process will be, but the feedback from having models has been good. I am happy that there are so many pieces in this look book because it will give me a lot more feedback.

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Anne Klein Jacket | Mickey Mouse Tank (similar) | Neiman Marcus x Target Marc Jacobs Clutch (ebay) | Zara Jeans | Steve Madden Heels

Pits Of The Month: No real pits this month, but there were many moments of frustration. I have learned what worked for me a year ago sometimes wont work this year. I thought I was beginning to find my groove, but I’m still not quite there just yet. I have a plethora of projects that I need to start, but when a designer my designer fell through (they emailed me after a month of correspondence in which they stated they can no longer do my THREE projects they said they could do). This is frustrating, and stuff like this can send anybody into a slight spiral. I guess this can be considered a pit. I was BEYOND excited to work with this company–minus the constant emails on my part to remind them to get back to me with information. Still, I was excited to work with them, but I guess I just have to be ok with the cards that fell. June will be month full of searching for designers, developers and copywriters. 

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Highlight of the Month: Lisa Price, founder of Carols Daughter, mentioned that she purchased a Fatigue Bag from Imperfect Concepts. I literally screamed, did a dance and cried all at once. I truly adore her, I’m thankful for all my customers, but this was WOW. Lisa Price started as a small business and has now created a global empire. Special thanks go out to Gabi for telling Lisa about my store. Gabi is an amazing celeb hairstylist and loyal ICB shopper. The ICING ON THE CAKE is: she also agreed to be my mentor. *SCREAMS* You don’t know how much this means to me; to have someone I look up to agree to help guide me is a blessing. I’m so thankful everything is coming full circle.

Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Ride: My dear friend Eboni wrote a couple of sentences about how I felt this month, and I will share them with you. This month was rather strange when it comes to the business. Our sales and site views were on a decline on all platforms. Running a niche market business is extremely difficult, like I have said before. Several times this month, consultation clients canceled their sessions last minute on me, which is nerve wrecking. I see why my life coach charges a fee for cancellations. I try not to be one of those people who, if they stub their toe the rest of the day is downhill. I would rather start quoting bible verses, singing christian rock songs in my head or recite affirmations to get out of a funk. This month was just what it is, and I am going to move past it. I believe the summer will be mine and then the fall too. A shift is starting to occur and sometimes you have to be confident through it and believe it will all work out.

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Being in Raleigh this month was a breath of fresh air. In the four years of running a business, this is only my third or fourth vacation. It just hasn’t been in the cards for me to go on vacation up until this point. A plethora of clarity came from this trip, and  my thoughts and aspirations for the business were revived because of it. It’s crazy how a small break can be the change you need. Tony Robbins says, “One little decision can change your life.” Going to Raleigh was a decision that I know changed a part of my business life that was much needed.

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