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Need. Want. Must Have.

Need: Okay, so I never hopped on the iPad train when they first launched. *gasp* I have played with other iPads, but I never purchased one because I have an iPhone. But now since the launch of the Pop Up Shop Tour, it had me thinking that I might not want people’s germy hands touching my personal phone. (Heck no)! So, now I have to decide if I want a mini or an iPad 3. Either way, it’s a tax right off!

Want: OMFG, when I saw this bike on Bike Pretty, my jaw dropped. I immediately wanted it so I could be a cool hipster nerd when I move to my awesome new urban style loft in my ultra cool hip neighborhood. Yes, I am planning another move. I move with ease. It comes from my parents serving 20 years in the Army.

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard bicycle

Must Have: These Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee boots have been calling my name ever since I saw Khloe Kardashian rocking them. No, I do not want the look for less, nor will the look for less just to suffice. Only the Givenchy wedges will do. Now I can hope and pray that they magically end up on my door step, or I can cross my fingers they go on sale and I can at least get them for $1000 dollars. (I consider that a steal by the way). *LOL*

Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee Boots


What are you needing, wanting and must have right now?


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