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Entrepreneur Magazine put out a map of the best states for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reside. I have heard numerous times that Oklahoma City is thriving for small businesses. However, they didn’t included what they used to measure their rating. Every city and state is what you make of it. It does help to live in a city with low cost of living and great networking possibilities.

I have thought of moving to San Francisco numerous times over the past two years. California received a “D,”but I can understand for so many reasons why the state got such a low lettering: cost of living, taxes, and much more. San Fran is a great place for the tech community with big companies like Twitter, Square and Instagram starting there. I currently reside in Texas, and it works well for my business. When building a company you have to remember, there are several variables to apply to your living situation.

What did your state rate in best cities for small business? Are you planning on moving if the new state rates well?

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