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How To Hire Freelancers Through Fiverr

Fiverr was created in 2010 and has drastically grown in the last decade as a platform to help you A. Make passive income as a business owner 2. Outsource work to freelancers to free up your time. I have been raving about hiring freelancers through Fiverr since 2013. In recent months since gearing up to launch my first course for Kick Start Your eCommerce, I have been spending a plethora of time on the platform lately. 

Create Your Fiverr Account 

To utilize the platform, you will need to create an account on the Fiverr platform and link some information. It doesn’t take long to become a member. 

Establish Budget For Project 

When reviewing sellers for my last projects, I looked at the three options they offered to see if my needs fit those realms or if I needed a custom package. Sellers have three options for packaging dependent on the service you need to render; in addition to that, messaging them beforehand to make sure you are purchasing the right one helps a lot. For each stakeholder in the course roadmap, there was a budget line attached to not go over budget. Research to see what it cost to do what you need to be done, but always be mindful of what you pay. Wanting a custom WordPress website built for $300 is very far-fetched. However, you spending $500 for them to install a template that you have already purchased and add the basics of contact, about, import a product, and setting up plugins sounds on the track.

Next Searching For Freelancers

Since 2013, it has been trial and error when it came to hiring freelancers through Fiverr, but now they have options such as; seller level, budget, delivery time, and much more that allow you to filter to the right contractor. When searching on the platform, I prefer utilizing top sellers or level two sellers for my work. Yes, there could be a new, fantastic freelancer, but I want someone I per se don’t need to go back and forth with and understand what I am trying to do.

Note Seller Location Preference 

One of the most effective tools I utilize is making sure that the freelancer understands English and US-based if possible. In the past, when contracting freelancers, language barriers were causing delays for projects. 

Here are some tips to remember when hiring freelancers through Fiverr: 

  • Ask Questions: For each seller on the KSYE project, I asked them if they had worked with a digital course or content creator in the past. Could they write in my tone or see my mood board get the look I needed for ads, and so on. 
  • Provide Insight: The copywriters on the project had to have access to the course information to understand my needs. Provide examples and as much insight as possible, and you will have fewer revisions. 
  • Ask for examples: Everyone I worked with asked for a sample and stated it was fine; it was watered marked. I have a particular tone and look I was going for. 

Hiring The Right Freelancer 

When I first started this project, my first mistake was hiring a PM role who had never done a project. This small mistake set me back a week almost from them not communicating. I ignored signs when I hired this person, and be mindful of discernment when hiring anyone to work on your project. Fiverr has an excellent refund policy, and I was able to get my money back immediately after. It’s okay to interview 15 people for your project; it’s your project. Find the right person, and be picky about it.

If you’re a small business owner on a budget looking to have a team of sorts in place, hiring a freelance through Fiverr is a great option. 

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