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Let’s Make Things Less Complicated By Simplifying Your Life

Yes, we all know if we simplify our lives it will become less complicated, but how many of us actually take the steps to do that. Continuing on sharing all aspects of my life I want to share how I took the steps to dangle all the cords in my life so to speak and left my badge of complicated behind to focus on simple, happy, and light. 

You see our lives feel much lighter when it’s not complicated and tangled up in things. Especially those things we never really wanted to do but said yes out of obligation or feel we must do because others do. For example, I loathe making blog graphics even when I had freelancer I worked with every month to create them for me. The whole process of making Pinterest clickable images was just too much for me. Over the years, you have problem noticed the never-ending changes of how my blog graphics look. I was constantly reading articles, watching webinars, or hearing from others how I need to make the graphics look like XYZ if I want others to share my content. Let’s backtrack to the saying “content is king.” If the content is truly king it doesn’t matter if I have these amazing titles or graphics. What matters is the message I am sharing with my readers. As of last month, I used two graphic styles for main blog image. The article that comes out at the start of the week has no additional graphics because I don’t want to. My life is simpler and this area of my life already feels happy.

Cut The Noise

Last month, on Instagram I mention I had to decrease my posting because I didn’t want to add to the noise of whats going on. Every day there is something new happen and President 45 is taking America down with him. I want to feel light, peace, and happy and for me to do that I had to cut the noise. People will say “Tasha your numbers will decrease if you don’t post or engage” A month, later with little to no posting my numbers and engagement are actually higher than when I was posting just for the sake of it. Give yourself permission to cut the noise. Give your permission to step away from your phone. We are weighed down not only by our own burdens but the world we live in too.

What Makes You Happy

On any given day most people believe I am either 22 or 25 years old by looking at me, but I am a 32-year old that finally decided to chose what makes her happy. I decided to stop doing things I didn’t want to do because what people would think. What they think of me isn’t my concern. My concern is using the gift God gave me to help his people. Sometimes, it can feel lonely when you’re choosing to follow a different path, but then you start finding your people who get it too. I want you to get a piece a paper and write down the different areas of your life that feel heavy such as; home, business, social media, health, family, friends, finances and more. Next in each area what is making it feel heavy and painful. We want to change that immediately or in gradually steps. Let’s use my finances as an example of something that has felt heavy in my life and complicated so many things. First, I had to truly be honest with myself about how I got into this situation if I wanted to simplify my life. Then I wrote the areas that were causing me stress

  • Lack of money
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Lack of Knowledge or Tools

These are some of the areas that were causing me stress and I had to make a change. Why did I lack money when I was bringing in a nice income from running a business. The problem was the dreaded B-word, budget. I was not living on a budge if I had it in the bank I spent it. That’s not how life works. A couple years ago, I learned about the Zero Budget Method and it changed my life drastically. It alleviated the heaviness in my life almost overnight.

Take a week to thoroughly go through each section of your list to help you lighten your load.  There was a time I loathed the words money management or budgeting, but now its one of my favorite things to do. I made it work for me and that’s what I want you to do. I want you to make your life and business work for you not against you.

Find Tune It

Something can work for years before it falls apart or doesn’t necessarily work for you anymore. Ask any natural hair girl as she on her journey products that worked at the start are probably no longer working for her because her hair has changed, she has become more knowledgeable, and she has fine-tuned what works for her. It’s okay if you find something works right now but in 90-days its no longer working and you need to pivot. You should not be the same person you were 5 years ago, a month ago, or even a week ago. You should constantly evolve and grow as a person.

You have the chose to continue on the path of doing what others say will work for you and complicating your life. Or you can choose to finally simplify your life and make it less complicated.

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