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Random Musing: March

I have never been, one of those people who say “oh where has the month gone”. However, the month of March seemed to go by super fast. This month there were a plethora of meetings, lots of traveling, and events on my to-do-list. For the most part, I am beyond thankful for this amazing month and all the lessons I learned, friendships I made, and much more.

Business Life

So, as you can tell no new website. To be honest, I have been over this current design since it was designed. Mainly because it was never a complete project. The designer went ghost on me. I have had a lot of experience with designers or developers just leaving. It sucks when you have a vision and it is not fulfilled. Right now, my current developer has a plethora of projects under his belt. My new design that I envisioned is going to be a handful; I’ll have to take it in strides. When its suppose to happen it will.

This month I had so many meeting this it was a constant invite coming from google calendar. Which is not a bad thing to be note. I thought I would enjoy more of SXSW this year, but at last meeting collide with the schedule. Building a billion dollar empire that changes millions of women’s lives is slightly more important to me than partying. I did get to hangout with BigCommerce team, my best friend DJ Hella Yella and Davon some. All the meetings went really well. Planning workshops for spring 2016 is super exciting. Also, working with big companies who want me to come and teach them how to interact with small business better is always exciting.

In addition to that, I launched my sixth ebook under the ICB Consults brand. Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep launched on the 23rd for everyone that pre order and is now officially for sale to the general public. This book was a true labor love. To most people’s surprise my income comes in from digital products and big company consults. Not really the one on one consultations. Being able to write an ebook + design a workbook to help others and inspire action is so fulfilling. This one was even more personable because I was sharing how I make my money.

Final thoughts on business life this month. As, I grow in business I am really able to connect dots that didn’t make sense before. Who knew running a resale boutique would give me the experience I need to consult. Writing content for this site prior to writing ebooks gave me more than I could ever think of. Right now, I am in the midst of scaling my business. Working one on one is great. Love being twined into my clients business. However, there is more for my business. I will explain more in the coming months. Very excited none the less.

Being transparent to show other small business owners what it is like to run a business

Personal Life

Less shopping, more Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s. That was my life this month. Last month I stayed within my shopping budget but I was pushing it at the same times. This month it seemed I was constantly wanting to try new recipes or just dine out at wholefoods. Actually, a majority of my meetings take place their during breakfast hours. Their acai bowl and super chicken green juice are amazing. Everyone in my family mainly eats really healthy. There are moments I tend to eat more vegan as my brother says. Food is my life in general.

Furthermore, I found a church home at Grace Church between 183 and Mopac. Prior to that I had been trying to find one that I could actually connect and go deeper. Most people who follow me on social media or know me in real life know I am a huge Andy Stanley and Buckhead Church goer. That church truly saved my life when I was living in Atlanta. So, finding a church similar gave me some big shoes to follow. However, they are filling them. One of the biggest parts of my life is God. I am doing his will vs fulfilling my own will. I am listening to him, I am being obedient, I am being still and much more.

Almost a week ago I was talking with Jessica of DSR Apparel about when you know God is talking to you in messages and signs, but not knowing the actual message means. She hadn’t experience that before. Its hard to explain if you have never experienced it. Its subtle messages. I tell people God will whisper to you, he will tap you on the shoulder, he will shake you by the shoulder or he will mush you in the face. Those are the levels of his communication in my eyes. Well, lets just say I have experienced them all. I am learning more to lean into God than others. To seek his advice. Katey of Chronicles of Frivolity wrote an amazing post about this.

Overall, this has been amazing month. Some sad times when I had the realization things have truly ended, some great times laughing over mojitos that sparked new friendships and amazing times thinking of how I can help other woman and scale my business. Thanks for being apart of my life as an entrepreneur this March.

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