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I went through a lot of debate in whether or not to write this post. Then I thought,  whatever its my blog, my company and my feelings. You guys read my blog for the honesty and realness that I provide, so as I tell you this it’s going to be real–no feelings held back. Are you ready?

June 1st was Imperfect Concepts Boutique’s summer look book. Everyone VOLUNTEERED their time to help me. This was something discussed up front. (It wasn’t hidden nor did I sugar coat it). I asked everyone if this was something they wanted to do then I emailed everyone a schedule stating that we would be on set roughly from 9 am to 4pm on Saturday. So, once again if ANYONE did not want to do it they could’ve said it at that time. At that point, everyone was ready to go.

Saturday comes along and things could have gone smoother, but this is only my second look book and I am learning. We as a group are learning together. Around noon, I went to get pizza to feed everyone. When I arrived, everyone was outside doing the street style photos. The MUA for the shoot asked how many more looks there were, and I let her know there would be several more shots after lunch. I didn’t think anything of it at that time. Because EVERYONE received an itinerary for what the day would consist of, I was shocked when I turned around to see the MUA and her assistant  taking their stuff to their car. I immediately ran after them, and asked them what was going on. They say they, “gotta go…” with no explanation.

If you could see my face at this point… I asked them to stay and do a quick touch-up on the models. They stayed another 30 minutes and LEFT FOR NO REASON. Honestly, I didn’t even care to find out why. If you didn’t feel like being their anymore, that’s cool with me. I am not going force anyone to stay. That’s how I am. You are either there for me or you aren’t.

I am not going to bash her for leaving. That’s her personal decision to walk off set. One thing I will state is that communication is key. She didn’t once mention anything to me regarding her or assistant being unhappy. I would have fixed it, simple as that.

One thing I highly suggest when it comes to running any time of business, is that it’s mandatory to have a high level of professionalism. Life might not be fair, but there is justice. People get JUST what they deserve. You get what you put out in the universe. We no longer live in a world of 6 degrees, this world is smaller than people think.

Thank you to my clique for coming together and finishing the shoot. The models pulled out their make up bags, and they did work! Everyone stuck together and worked hard, and that’s what I call teamwork!


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